Fox News Hits A New Low: Criticizing Obama Over His Use Of A Binder Clip

President Barack Obama, accompanied by Vice President Joe Biden, and others, holds up a copy of his American Jobs Act during a statement in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, Monday, Sept. 12, 2011. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

It’s so stupid that it can’t be true, right? Well, it is true. Fox News has hit a new low. In another desperate attempt to criticize anything the President does, the folks on Fox and Friends yesterday morning criticized President Obama for using a binder clip on his copy of the American Jobs Act plan he held in his hand during a speech outside the White House. Apparently, it wasn’t fancy enough for them.

Steve Doocy said, “Meanwhile, come and get your copy. President Obama’s jobs bill hot off the presses, at Kinkos? Hundreds of billions in tax hikes and new spending bound together with a chintzy clip. Look at that thing.”

After this bit of childishness, Doocy went on to spread misinformation about what’s in the bill to Fox viewers. According to Doocy, the bill is nothing but tax increases, when in fact, the bill includes spending, tax increases, and tax incentives or cuts.

Here’s the video:

I can understand criticizing the President’s policies, but when you stoop to a new low by criticizing the President’s choice of using a binder clip it pretty petty. I would say that Obama’s choice of a binder clip is a way he is saving taxpayer dollars at the White House. He could have opted for a fancier kind of binding but that would have been costly to taxpayers. Of course, it wouldn’t matter what the President did to save money for taxpayers. He would still be mercilessly criticized by the bunch of snobby brats over at Fox News. They should do us all a favor and put binder clips on their mouths. That would save us from having to hear them speak.