The GOP Cares More About Rebuilding Iraq Than Rebuilding America

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America continues to crumble while Republicans insist on spending cuts to offset rebuilding the country. Several natural disasters have struck the nation this year. Wildfires have savaged Texas, an earthquake rocked the East, hurricanes have slammed the southern and eastern coastlines, and tornadoes have ripped through the South. Yet, Republicans have no sympathy whatsoever for those affected by these disasters. They simply refuse to approve the funding necessary to rebuild America unless spending cuts are made to offset it. But apparently, they were perfectly willing to approve $50 billion of funding to rebuild Iraq, and they didn’t call for a single dollar in cuts to offset it.

According to FEMA, disasters have caused approximately $36 billion in damages across the country, and many Republicans have held their own states hostage in an effort to gut programs they hate such as Social Security, Medicare, and education in exchange for approving the funding these states need to rebuild. Eric Cantor told the residents of his own disaster afflicted district that aid would only arrive if spending cuts were made. Senators John Cornyn and Richard Burr
Have joined Cantor.

Even though fires have burned thousands of homes to the ground in his home state of Texas, John Cornyn says that cuts must be made first before disaster relief can be approved. ????
“We can’t keep spending money we don’t have,” remarked Cornyn.

And although Hurricane Irene caused millions of dollars worth of damage to his state of North Carolina, Richard Burr refuses to approve of funding without cuts either. ????

“I think we’ve got to offset everything; anything that’s not allocated has got to be offset these days. It shouldn’t delay it,” Burr told POLITICO. “There’s hundreds of billions of dollars of waste, fraud and abuse that could be accessed like that.”

Republicans are not only refusing to rebuild their own country, they’re hypocrites as well. It turns out that Cornyn and Burr both voted to fund the rebuilding of Iraq without requiring a single dollar to help offset the cost. Indeed, Cornyn voted against delaying ?

$20.3 billion in Iraq infrastructure funds even though the late Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV) noted that such a payment would increase the budget deficit. The U.S. has spent $44.6 billion in taxpayer funds on rebuilding Iraq.

It looks like Republicans support rebuilding other nations more than they do about rebuilding their own. It certainly calls into question their patriotism and their claims that they love America. Apparently, Iraq was more important to them. Their refusal to rebuild America unless they get something in return, especially when they approved funding to rebuild Iraq with no strings attached, shows precisely where the loyalty of the Republican Party lies. It’s certainly not America.