Republicans Say They’d Rather Hurt Obama Than Create Jobs

If you thought President Obama would get Republican support for the American Jobs Act, you thought wrong.

Despite the fact that economists estimate that the bill would create 1.9 million desperately needed jobs for a suffering American people, Republicans refuse to let President Obama put a victory in the win column. According to Politico, a senior House Republican aide told the publication “Obama is on the ropes; why do we appear ready to hand him a win?”

This is a revealing statement that demonstrates that Republicans would rather devastate the economy to score a political victory against President Obama, than do anything to help the American people. On camera, Republicans say they want to compromise, but they only want to pass the pieces they agree with like tax cuts and deregulation, which is far from compromise.

The American Jobs Act calls for a significant investment in the American people including infrastructure projects, education, and bringing manufacturing jobs back to America. Republicans, however, don’t give a damn. They’ve been sabotaging the economy for more than two years now, blocking or delaying several legislative efforts between 2008-2010 that would have sparked economic growth. After Republicans took over the House in January 2011 they haven’t created a single job, and have voted to slash over one million jobs. They have also refused to end tax subsidies for corporations and refuse to raise taxes on the wealthy. And don’t forget that they also held America hostage over a simple act of raising the debt ceiling. Their actions have harmed America’s credit rating, causing more economic uncertainty. Republicans have only one goal in mind: making President Obama fail. And they are willing to let the American people suffer to do it.