Justin’s Daily Sleepy Time Thought: 9-12-2011

I read an awesome article the other day (that I cannot find again, dagnabbit!) about how the rapidly shifting demographics in Texas threatens to make it a swing state or, even worse, more or less permanently blue. It put a big smile on my face as it should yours. If Texas goes, that’s the end of the GOP ever getting control of the executive branch again.

The GOP is very much aware of this. How do we know? Because of the slew of anti-voting laws they have been desperately trying to put into play. After Florida went to Obama and officially became a swing state, the only comfortably red large state left was Texas. That is a very poor margin of error to rely on.

In a sane world, the GOP would drop its traditional antagonism of immigrants and try REALLY hard to capture some, ANY, of the Hispanic vote. But in Tea Partyland, we won’t have no truck with them illegals! And so the GOP doubled down on the “We hate brown people!” rhetoric.

Good luck with that, dummies!

As the older (more intolerant) generation dies off, the GOP will find it increasingly more difficult to get by on its traditional wedge issues of racism and nativism and, of course, homophobia.

Hence, the push to restrict voting rights. I would not be surprised if, in a decade or so, the GOP starts to make a huge push to alter the electoral college to reflect the physical size of the state instead of its population. You already hear the precursor to this when Right Wing pundits talk about how liberals are concentrated in cities but conservatives voters represent more square mileage of the country. As if trees and mountains had a vote or counted in the slightest bit in elections.

The GOP slogan of 2030: One Square Mile, One Vote!!

You heard it hear first, people!

Sleep tight you filthy liberal (not just white) scum!

ZZzzz...You think Obama is a weird name?...ZZzzz...Wait until we elect President Guadeloupe Kwok , the half Chinese, half Hispanic!...ZZzzz...