GOP Debate Shows How Weak Perry Is, Other Candidates Seize Opportunity To Attack

Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) looking confused as he did through most of the debate.

Tonight’s GOP Presidential debate can best be categorized as an all-out assault on Governor Rick Perry (R-TX), and his record as Governor.

It started with former Governor Mitt Romney (R-MA), attacking Perry for comments in his book comparing Social Security to a Ponzi Scheme. Perry tried to deflect the comments by suggesting that “we have a conversation” but Romney was quick to point out that the point of a debate is to have a conversation. Romney continued to attack Perry, who looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

Perry touted his jobs record and his low tax rate, but congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) stated that, as a citizen of Texas, his taxes have doubled under Governor Perry. He also claimed that Perry has tripled the state’s deficit. Perry claims that he’s created 1 million jobs as Governor but Ron Paul took the opportunity to state that 170,000 of those jobs are Government jobs.

Then congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) attacked him for forcing 11 and 12 year old girls to get a highly controversial Gardasil vaccine, which vaccinates against HPV and many people see as unnecessary and potentially dangerous.

Everyone ganged up on him when it came to talking about illegal immigration. Perry tried to defend his views on immigration and his version of the DREAM Act, but almost every single candidate took turns pointing out that they would not support Perry’s plan in any way whatsoever.

While no one may be able to agree about who the winner of tonight’s debate was, it’s clear who the loser was: Rick Perry.