Wisconsin Wire: New Hacktivist Group Formed In Wisconsin, Pledges to restore elections

In the days of Anonymous, Lulzsec, and several other groups that have a similar cause, a new group emerged today. Seemingly inspired by the famous web activism group Anonymous, Wisconsin Legion formed to help bring light to Wisconsin politics. In a message delivered on video they pledge to not stop until elections are fair in the state of Wisconsin. This is something I, personally, can get behind. Wisconsin is ground zero for the fight against the current fascist agenda. Wisconsin Legion is clear to note that they are not at all part of Anonymous but do fight for the same principles fought for by Anonymous, just on a more local level. As a journalist and activist I was able to get a connection into the Wisconsin Legion group. They stated that they are a group of dedicated people purely focused on getting attention to the injustices in Wisconsin.  The first official statement from the group is shown here:

On this day, September the 11th 2011 we take time to remember those who lost their lives in these tragic attacks and the wars that followed, whether or not called for, the troops who fought in said wars with the objective of serving our country and keeping us safe must also be recognized. But we must all go deeper than that. That is why, on this day, we are announcing a new force. September 11, 2001 changed our country in so many ways. We banded together and neighbor helped neighbor, people were united and we made it through because of this unity. The battle is no longer how do we move past September 11th.  The battle is now with an enemy within. In Wisconsin, for example, elections are bought and stolen, there is no longer true democracy. So we have formed the Wisconsin Legion. Our goal is to bring light to the Wisconsin injustices otherwise not covered by the media. Our goal is to restore Democracy so that people can once again become unified. Wisconsin has been infiltrated by ALEC plants such as John Nygren and Robin Vos that have no interest other than that of the very corporations that caused this mess. The people must be informed.  The people must rise up. Who are we? We are not Anonymous (although our identities are). We share the same ideals with the web group Anonymous and may use some of the same tools, but we do not claim to be nor are we a branch of Anonymous. We would be more than willing to work with any other groups such as anonymous and lulzsec and such to further a common goal. We will not have a heiarchy, a similarity with Anonymous. We will, however, expose the truth. In a world where everything is concealed we will fight for transparency. Nothing we do will be malicious. Much like Anonymous, our goal is not to cause damage yet to bring exposure to a topic. MSNBC is owned by GOP partners. We must realize as a whole the media in all aspects has failed us. We must look to less traditional media. And we must move forward as a state and as a country. We will not stop until all election injustices have been corrected. This is not a partisan battle. This is a battle for everyone who believes in this country.

From this statement I feel like things are about to get interesting here in Wisconsin.  The group informs me that their first action is going to be tomorrow planned to bring light to the DOA/GAB connection. Let’s just hope they are able to pull something off because the media has failed us in getting the real stories across. I will continue to cover activities of this new web group and am happy to hear someone is working on bringing light to these issues. Until we finally get justice, we shall continue ONE DAY LONGER and ONE DAY STRONGER!

First message and video attached here:

Executive Director

Defending Wisconsin PAC

[email protected]

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