Justin’s Daily Sleepy Time Thought: 9-11-2011

Well, I found my hew high water mark for Obama Derangement Syndrome. I can’t imagine even Fox News going to these lengths to hate Obama. The following is an exchange between a man and his uncle. The uncle just HATES Obama. Why? Because of Grandparents’ Day.

This is from Matt’s note:

On this, the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, my Uncle Steve chose this as his status:

Nice touch to commemorate 9/11 – Obama signed into effect making the day National Grandparents Day!!! I love how he slides this in before the ceremonies. What disresepct – Where is the outrage – for those that defend this as they do everything that Obama does, you can kiss my ass – both cheeks!!!Followed by these comments:

Why not just make Dec-7th National Cousins day or some stupuid shit as well. No reason to honor or respect those that day either right!!! Just when I think he can’t piss me off any more he finds a way to slap the US in the face.


Not complaining about having a Grandparents Day – they should have just picked another day. Like I said though, his supporters will defend this just the same.

To which I felt compelled to respond:

hello there. one of Obama’s mindless supporters here. just chiming in to point out that “National Grandparents Day” has been the first Sunday after Labor Day since 1978. this year, it just happen to fall on 9/11

but you’re right, bad Obama! Bad!

In addition to this being a ‘post-September 11, 2001 world’, it’s also a ‘post January 20, 2009 world’. Remember the old days, when the office of president was sacred because we were at war?  Now, even National Grandparents Day is proof that Obama is the devil.

Not to be a hypocrite here, because I really hated George W. Bush.  Every time he showed his arrogant, weaselly on the television, I felt physically ill at the fact that this man was leading American (and by proxy the world) into an endless war of abstracts with a very obvious (to me) profit motive. However, we were all extolled on the virtues of the office and how patriotism dictated that, regardless of how we felt or what we thought, we should respect the man for his unenviable position.

Bill Clinton lied about his sexual conduct and was impeached.

George W. Bush lied us into two costly, endless wars that have collapsed the economy of this country in 10 short years, but any discussion of what his administration did to put us in this position is off the table, taboo, blame-shifting. Not only that, but his administration operated with an above-the-law sense of entitlement that completely tarnished what may have been left of America’s reputation in the world.

Barack Obama is not perfect, but he did stand up and say “I will take the job. I will step in and at least try to do what needs to be done to reverse this tide or at least try to turn things in a better direction.”*

I’m not a mindless defender of the President. That is against my very nature. I harbor a healthy distrust of government in general, and the word “politician” is more synonmous with “liar”, “opportunist”, “someone who changes his convictions with the popular consesus via poll numbers” than it is with “public servent, elected by and accountable to the people”. I haven’t “drank the Kool-Aid” as I’m often accused. I love to have substantive debates about actual issues and facts. I really enjoy being informed about some fact or other that will clarifiy (or completely invalidate) my position. In short, I’m open to actual Argument, as classically defined by Greek Philosophy and refined throughout the history of human thought. According to this definition, for a debate to be productive, both sides have to risk having their position undermined by the stronger argument. The facts may not always support the position you’re advocating. Clinging to that position despite contradictory evidence is arrogant, willful ignorance.But to point to “National Grandparents Day” to expose the President an uncaring, evil, souless robot who doesn’t care about this nation or its tragedy… on this day, when we’re all supposed to be remembering what unites us… ? Well, what does that serve? Post-9/11, we, as a nation, squandered an opportunity to rise up and respond as a champion of liberty and strength on the world stage. Instead, we started bombing and haven’t stopped, not caring about the cost in both lives and actual dollars. Now, let’s cut NPR, Education, EPA, Social Security… just so we can scrape up a few more dollars to drop a few more bombs…This country is sick. It’s people are sick… with ignorance, hate, and amnesia.We’ve all forgotten that we’re in this together. We all have to live with the consequences. Our children and grandchildren are facing an increasingly bleak and devastated world. One day, when I’m a grandparent, I’m going to remember today, and tell my little people the story of how America deteriorated into all out Class and Culture War. How this country split in two, because we dared elect a black president. How “the other guys” were so blinded by hate that they couldn’t see the sheep in wolf’s clothing, eager to walk a middle path with them and capitulate to almost every whim. Instead, he was branded as secrect Muslim and a socialist who was bent on destroying America. So… there were some tangets there, and I’m pressed for time to review and correct this, but it’s just a note on what I’m feeling right now.

I welcome and substantive, credible discussion on this post.


Thanks for posting dribble my comment Matt – like I said you will never GET it. Defend him all you want but he is wrong to put that into effect. If you don’t see it then shame on you. Go defend him to others that but into his lies.

you have more pride in a local football team than you do in your own country. I guess Dec-7th is just another day to you as well – just another day that America got what she deserved for being such a horrible country. Must suck living in a country you have no respect for.


How am I defending Obama? And why are you attacking him?

Blame where it’s due. Please direct your polarized rhetoric toward Jimmy Carter for this one. He signed the Grandparents Day legislation back in 1978. This is a classic example of your looking for any little thing to use against the man. I’m certain, with a minimal effort, you could find something substantive to criticize.


He signed it into effect for THIS particular day. Not J. Carter – stop with the redirection of blame – everyone that supports him does the same crap.

I posted a link to the wikipedia article for National Grandparents Day: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Grandparents_Day

and was told I could: “stick your liberal links you know where. Have some pride for once instead of kissing Obama’s ass.”

And this, I feel, really gets to the heart of why this is so important to me:

Steve, you only see in terms of liberal vs. conservative… to the point where you fit something as innocuous as National Grandparents Day, signed into legislation 33 years ago, (and always scheduled to fall on the 1st Sunday after Labor Day) as evidence of the president’s hatred for America.

You’d think, on this anniversary, you’d take a moment to focus on what unites us, rather than what divides us…. you know… like the fact that we all have Grandparents. Or that we share blood, you and I.

There is a Civil War brewing in this country, and I’m confident that you would take up arms against me simply for my beliefs. That’s scary. Because I love you. I spent my childhood looking up to you and trying to be more like you. I owe my interest in art, to this day, to you. It’s sad that you feel the need to attack. It’s sad that I feel the need to defend. I just know this country is on the fast track to disaster when something as simple as this flips your hate switch.

This is an issue that continues to weight heavy on my mind and heart and erodes my hopes for our shared future. Thanks for taking the time to listen.

YOWZER!!! Uncle Steve, I don’t know you and I’ll (hopefully) never meet you in the real world but you are frakking moron! I dearly hope I remember this conversation in five years when Grandparents’ day falls on 9/11 again. If there’s a Republican in the White House, I will take great personal glee in reposting this note and directing as many people as possible to Uncle Steve to ask him how offended he is by a Republican desecrating 9/11.

What a dick!

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ZZzzz...Jesus Christ! WTF is wrong with you?...ZZzzz...Uncle Steve, in your United States, the terrorists won...ZZzzz...Now just stay out of ours...ZZzzz...