Jihadist Smackdown of the Day: Special 9/11 Edition

Several awards will be given this night to one Osama bin Laden for the following:

For having a rather prodigious stash of porn which is prohibited by the fundamentalist version of Islam you preached, Congratulations! You’re a hypocrite!!

Porn is good for me but not for thee...

For hiding in a large compound with ridiculously high walls and being really obvious that you’re trying to hide from someone, thus making you stick out like a sore thumb to any outside agency that took the time to actually pay attention, Congratulations! You’re a dumbass!!

You burned your garbage? Why didn't you just send up smoke signals? Oh wait, you did.

For keeping a massive amount of sensitive information in your not-very-secret compound on frakking thumbdrives and having absolutely no plans in place for quickly wiping all that lovely data that will be undoubtedly be used to great effect by us, Congratulations! You’re an official moron!!

Great Scott! Have you not watched a single episode of CSI or Law & Order?!

For videotaping yourself watching TV, channel surfing for news about how awesome you are, Congratulations! You’re a douchebag!!

How did you manage to keep your ego hidden from the spy satellites for all those years? It's massive!!

And finally, for starting a series of events that caused far more lasting damage to your fellow Muslims than anything you managed to do to us, I hope you’re pleased with yourself, You Dick!!

You killed a few thousand here, we killed tens of thousands and leveled two countries. And we'll eventually recover from the economic woes.This did not really work out in your favor.


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