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Rick Scott Subsidizing Class Warfare

Remember when Florida Governor Rick Scott instituted mandatory drug testing on welfare recipients?  It was based upon the premise that it would save money by not having to pay benefits to those who were on drugs.  Well, it turned out that 96% of welfare recipients are drug free.

Technically, 96% tested drug free, 2% failed the test, and another 2% refused to take the drug test.

The tests cost on average $30.  Those who pass the drug test will be reimbursed for their costs.  But those reimbursements are greater than the savings of the denial of benefits to the 2% who failed the test and the 2% who refused to take the test.  This doesn’t even begin to account for the additional expense of the as-yet uncalculated costs of staff hours and other resources the DCF has had to spend on implementing the program, as reported by TBO.

Ed Brayton points out that “Rick Scott happens to own a chain of health care clinics that get much of their revenue from drug testing.”

Here is a prime example of Republican “fiscal responsibility”.  This action costs more than it saves, while falsely demonizing welfare recipients as being “lazy drug addicts”, and adding a windfall of revenues to the vested financial interests of the person proposing such demands.