Michigan: A Model for Change

Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, Robert Schostak. Image from http://www.uppermichiganssource.com/news/photos.aspx?id=653001#.TlrQiahEYhg

Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, Robert Schostak, had this to say about the policies of Obama, former Governor Granholm, and the current Governor Rick Snyder:

There is a chance to provide true leadership in this time of need by following Republican leadership. President Obama should look to Michigan as an example and Republican Congressional leaders as a guide.

While some Democrats including Nevada Sen. Harry Reid would call for increased taxes and spending, go the other way and follow the lead of Republican Speaker John Boehner, Congressman Eric Cantor and Congressman Dave Camp in their calls to cut spending and cut taxes. America cannot afford to downgrade deeper.

Michigan has seen terrible economic difficulties, but recently we’ve seen positive economic changes despite the national economic difficulties. There are answers to be found in the conservative economic policies that Republicans have called for here and nationally.

President Obama brought change to Washington for the worse. Let conservative economic principles bring positive change to Washington in the future. That’s change that we could all believe in.

From The Detroit News: http://detnews.com/article/20110811/OPINION01/108110345/Change-in-Michigan-should-be-a-guide-for-president#ixzz1W3cRRxbi

One of the Governor’s main policies for “economic reform” is the Emergency Manager Law, which, as Rachel Maddow would be happy to tell you, gives complete control of a city or a school district to a single person.

Now, imagine Barack Obama, the target of the above editorial, did exactly this.  Imagine if when the Democrats controlled the White House, and both houses of congress. had passed a bill like this, a bill that let the Obama administration, specifically, the Treasury, declare a state to be under “financial martial law,” and send in one person, a SINGLE PERSON, to control the state.  Maybe he’ll even pass a law saying the only things the state legislature can do is open meetings, approve meeting minutes, and adjourn meetings.

The calls from the right wing and Glenn Beck would, for once, be right.  The immediate association with Hitler, Godwin’s Law aside, would be correct.  This is something Hitler would do, using Shock Doctrine to push a law that gives one person power.  Obama is a “fascist,” he’s a “Stalinist.”

Maybe Schostak is right, Barack Obama should force a law through that lets him appoint state-Emperor. Yes, let’s do it.  And when the right wing complains that Obama is a Stalinst, Hitler, a Nazi (and undoubtedly a Muslim too, for no reason), then we can just tell them:   if you can do it, so can we.

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