The 10 Step Republican Plan (To Destroying Our Country) Part I

This computer generated image released by the SITE Intelligence Group on May 28, 2008, shows Washington, DC, in the aftermath of a nuclear attack. A video entitled, ?Nuclear Jihad: the Ultimate Terror? released on May 25 has inspired jihadists on al-Ekhlaas and al-Hesbah, two password-protected al-Qaeda-affiliated forums, to discuss the possibility, permissibility, and risks for a nuclear strike in the United States or Great Britain, according to a SITE statement. SITE has translated several chatter sessions taking place on al-Ekhlaas and al-Hesbah sites discussing the topic of a nuclear bomb in the US and the west. One of the sessions posted the computer-generated picture depicting what would be the aftermath of the destruction of the capital building located in Washington, DC. AFP PHOTO/SITE Intelligence Group = GETTY OUT = (Photo credit should read -/AFP/Getty Images)

If there is one thing that no one can take away from the right-wing, it is that they are organized and led from the shadows by a group of very intelligent people. The GOP is good at politics, even if their policies are not good for the country. With that said, I present to you the unofficial “Ten Step Plan to Power: Ruining the Country AND Getting Re-Elected”:


Step 1:  Support Among the Rich and Powerful

Anyone who has ever watched the news can tell you that the Republican party would bow down and kiss the shoes of the rich if they were asked to, that is how devoted they are to their masters. Therefore, the first step in any Conservative plan to ruin a country must be: to gather support among those with the money to finance their campaigns. The problem with the Conservative agenda is that it is not very popular among the people. Polling from ABC and the Washington Post showed that 78% of people are opposed to cutting Medicare as a way to cut the deficit. So why is the GOP able to push on and still continue to get elected? On to step 2!


Step 2: A Propaganda War

It must be asked, what the purpose of the right-wing making friends with the rich is if they don’t expect something in return? Obviously, the right-wing needs money to finance their politics; and they need more of it than the Democrats because, simply, their message is less popular. Therefore, the right-wing uses war tactics to win such as, propaganda.

Over the past few decades, the GOP has slowly been transforming from the party of somewhat noble values to a party controlled by far-right activists, the “Tea Party.”  The important aspect of this is that the party’s voting base hasn’t changed; it’s the same as before.  So how are they kept voting on party lines for a party they should, by all measures, no longer support?  The answer, and always will be for situations like this, is propaganda.  The Right bounces from enemy to enemy but the pattern is clear, to maintain your electorate you must: demonize the enemy to the point where even your ideas are more acceptable than “the other side’s.”

Take the Tea party’s relentless attacks on President Barack Obama.  Posters of him bearing “Hitler’s Mustache” and the swastika on an arm band, or where he’s given the likeness of Stalin, are everywhere.  Very few men can claim the title of “More Evil Than Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin”. You can’t simply out-murder them; their policies led to the deaths of millions, even when they were not intentionally killed.  The message clearly is that Obama is evil, and he must be stopped!  The demonizing of Health Care Reform as “socialism” is another example of these unfair attacks.

Another strategy in the right-wing propaganda war is, word association. To many people, the term “liberal” is now something of a curse; the unfair, absurd use of the word is an effective tactic. Socialism too, is a good thing that has been destroyed by association with “death panels” and Stalin. Tax reform, according to them, is class warfare: destroying our country because it is putting an unfair burden on our “job-creators.” Enough people actually believe these things that it is difficult to use the terms, while the exact tactic the Left is accused of is used by the Right. Class warfare is alive and well in the tactics of the Right, but it is associated with the Left.

This is where the rich have always been essential to the GOP.  It is difficult to organize a rally no one should support or to put campaign ads on TV, without a significant chunk of money.  Take the Koches, for example, it has been estimated that they have donated upwards of $85 million to right-wing think tanks and Political Action Committees, all to advance their allies’ radical, pro-business agenda.

Now, with a suitable base established among those won over by images of heroic veterans cowboys (I’m talking to you, Rick), step 3 can be initiated.


Step 3: Elected for Jobs

The Republican Party has a carefully crafted image. In many ways, it resembles the kid in High School that knows he’s different but just wants to fit in and be accepted. The difference is that the GOP is willing to do what it must to get into power and then its true colors will show. George Bush did this, Govs. Rick Snyder (Michigan) and Scott Walker (Wisconsin) both did this, and the freshmen Tea Party officials elected to Congress have done this.

Everyone remembers the pledge of the GOP in 2010: Jobs, with a capital J.  The Republicans campaigned, saying that their focus would be creating jobs for the struggling economy. Hell, I don’t remember an election cycle with so unified a message. Of course, this fits right in with the general tactics of radical conservatives, everywhere. Confirming Godwin’s law a second time in only 800 words, this tactic is the same that was used by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party. This is, undoubtedly, a good tactic; so its success here is hardly a surprise.

This is the shortest, and the easiest, step for the GOP.  With many businessmen and women running for office on the Republican/Tea Party platform, it was easy for them to cast the image of being about the economy and creating jobs; which has, clearly, not been the case since.


Step 4: Shock Doctrine and Social Policy

There is no longer a doubt about where the GOP stands on politics. Social issues take precedent over actually helping the economy, end of story. “We have a deficit? Good! We can use this to end Planned Parenthood, PBS, and NPR!” This tactic is called Shock Doctrine, and has been used for centuries by dictators to seize more power. The theory is simple: when a catastrophe or something of the sort occurs, then the people are willing to be subjected to a more powerful government to help them. We’re seeing this all over the country: Michigan has the, now-infamous, Emergency Financial Manager law, Wisconsin was bullying public unions, and the Bush Administration’s Patriot Act and massive grab for power over the Executive Branch.

We have seen the use of the crisis to grab national attention.  Michelle Bachmann is using both a social platform (God called me to run….and to stop gays from getting married) and an economic platform (no new taxes! Cut! Cut! Cut) to run for President, an office she is much, much too dangerous to hold.  However, a combination of good propaganda and an energized base has given Bachmann, as well as new front-runner Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, large amounts of support.

Very few people in this country support any type of government other than a Republic, or, as it is so often called by the Right, our “democracy.” According to an A.P. U.S. Government book sitting on my bed, 93% of Americans consider democracy to be the best type of government. With such a high number of people honestly believing in democratic principles it must be asked; how are the people letting their rights be infringed?  Some laws have thin veils of being “for the greater good” (Michigan and Wisconsin). While some snubbing of our system is done without any reason at all: confiscating cameras at town hall meetings, congressmen refusing to meet with constituents with whom their views differed.

Paul Ryan is guilty of the last mentioned, but he will be re-elected.  Why?  Because he is the golden boy of the Republican Party right now.  His now defunct “Path to Prosperity Bill” is a bill that not only symbolized everything the GOP stands for today, but spelled it out as well: tiny cuts to military, “entitlement” spending cuts, and no new taxes on the rich.  That this can be done and then Ryan can be re-elected all goes back to the second step, the propaganda war, but it also links to the next step…


Step 5: The Domino Effect

Once power is gained, steps must be taken to ensure that it can be held, or at least retaken in time. This is where the true agenda of the right-wing begins to finally show through the cracks in their facade. No longer veiled in the shadows of economic recovery or foreign wars, the true agenda is clearly seen. This is especially obvious in the form of exclusionary voter ID laws, once again in Wisconsin. Once in power, the GOP has no intention of leaving without ensuring they have made it too difficult for anything to be reversed. By enacting policies that make it difficult to oppose their agenda, the GOP is initiating a sort of domino effect with the first domino being the election; after that the progress can’t be stopped.

Step 5 is as far as the GOP has gotten and as far as I expect them to make it.  From this point on, steps 6-10 will be pure speculation, albeit speculation with significant historical precedent.  Stay tuned for Part II soon.

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Edited By: Alexis Atherton