Top 10 Questions John Boehner Needs To Be Asked

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1. Where is the GOP proposal for jobs?

We hear so much about “jobs, jobs, jobs” from the GOP, but the only thing the GOP is putting forward is actually cutting jobs. Maybe that’s what Boehner meant…….

2. Why is your gavel so big?

I think we all know the answer to this, but I would love to see someone ask him.

3. Are you afraid of getting skin cancer?

He is freakishly orange, as we all know, but as someone who HAS skin cancer… I would love to know how he feels about all his unnatural tanning.

4. Why is it that you are fighting President Obama on the debt ceiling, yet you had no problem raising it under Bush 19 times?

I think Mr. Weeper… sorry… Speaker has the notion that the American people have bad memories. I hate to break it to you Mr. Weeper.. Speaker; we don’t.

5. Why do you cry when speaking about your childhood, but not one tear sheds from your eyes when a fellow member of Congress is shot in the head?

This was beyond deplorable to me and the fact that he didn’t even go to see her is even worse.

6. With all this talk about spending cuts and debt reduction, why is it that no one mentions how much tax dollars you accept in your paycheck?

I think it makes sense to even the simple-minded that if we are going to cut spending, we should start with Congressional pay. I mean, think about it like a business. These people collect a paycheck, which the American people provide through tax dollars, so we are their boss. When the company (America) is in debt, is it not the employees who take a pay cut?

7. You claim that you came from nothing and as a boy you swept the floor of your father’s bar. Does that not just constitute as a chore?

I mean, his dad owned a bar and it was pretty lucrative, probably because he had his family do stuff he normally would have had to pay an employee for. To me, that is not growing up with nothing.

8. Would you consider taking a week off to go live the life of an average American so you can really understand what is going on?

I volunteer to be that person. (And I challenge ANY member of Congress to do the same.)

9. If our education system is broken, why are you voting to cut education programs that help better the country’s educational system?

This baffles me.

10. Why are you wasting time on legislation that you know will not get passed the Senate?

The Senate has told Mr. Boehner that many of his bills will be DOA (dead-on-arrival), yet he continues to try and push them through (like the Medicare-killing Ryan voucher plan) and waste time and our tax dollars doing it anyway.

I chose to ask Mr. Boehner these questions because he is the Speaker of the House and according to him, a “leader.” Well, Mr. Boehner, we are all waiting for you to lead.

Edited By: Sherri Yarbrough