Justin’s Daily Sleepy Time Thought: 8-19-2011

ZZzzz...Oh, it's your WIFE'S company!...ZZzzz...Of course! No conflict at all!...ZZzzz...Why are you not in jail yet?...ZZzzz...

So to the surprise of no one except the truly stupid and gullible viewers of Fox, Florida’s mandatory drug testing program is costing more money than it “saves” by weeding out those darn pesky drug users.

But they sure did stick it to those evil horrible druggies!

“However, the state insisted that the program is as much about principles as it is about money.”

Ah. I see. So much for fiscal responsibility. But it’s OK because a Republican is doing it. We don’t have to worry about being responsible as long as the GOP supports the idea that¬†humiliating the 95% (so far) of NON-offenders to punish the remaining 5% of evil-doers is a morally just thing to do.

It’s funny how PUNISHING people doesn’t have a price tag but helping people does. Remember, Republicans are ALL about saving money, especially if that money happens to come out of the pockets of the poor and middle class. Shouldn’t this program come under immediate attack from the Tea Party for being cost prohibitive? But you won’t hear a peep from that group of hypocrites because the only thing that ever makes a conservative cringe is the idea that somewhere, somehow a poor person (specifically a black one) might get a dollar of THEIR tax money.

God forbid THEIR tax money end up being used to buy pot! But it’s just peachy if it’s used to drop a bomb on a baby sleeping in its crib in another country.

Oh, and let’s not forget that Rick Scott’s company is one of the drug testers and stands to make millions off of this “money saving” plan. Oh sure, he signed it all over to his wife because THAT’S going to make a HUGE difference in where the money goes.

And people wonder why I wouldn’t “trickle down” on a conservative if they were on fire.

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