Conservative Smackdown of the Day: 8-19-2011

Even G.W. Bush must have SMHed himself at that one...

Awarded to Michele “Happy Birthday Elvis!” Bachmann for this gem of sheer brilliance:

“What people recognize is that there’s a fear that the United States is in an unstoppable decline. They see the rise of China, the rise of India, the rise of the Soviet Union and our loss militarily going forward”

Sigh… I wonder if anyone told her that the Soviet Union was officially disbanded twenty years ago? I wonder how fast Wikipeida is going to get assaulted by imbeciles trying to rewrite history. My guess? She’ll double down and insist that she was referring to the hardliner Commies that still exist in Russia that want to see the USSR rise again. So you see, the Soviet Union is TOTALLY still a threat. A completely hypothetical  threat but a threat nonetheless.

This is the problem when you only memorize talking points instead of actually understanding what is going on in the world; You end up with a tenuous grasp of the issues and make mistakes that a ten year would find embarrassing.

Hey Michele! Did you know the Cold War is over, too? No? Congratulations! You’re an official moron!!

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