Republican Senator Tom Coburn Promotes Gun Violence Against Lawmakers

Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK). Image from

In a week in which Rick Perry stated that Texas would do some ugly things to Ben Bernanke, Republican Senator Tom Coburn has gone even further by essentially promoting gun violence against liberal lawmakers.

According to The Tulsa World , on Wednesday, Coburn (R-OK) told a crowd at a town hall that it’s a “good thing I can’t pack a gun on the Senate floor” while responding to the criticism President Obama and Ben Bernanke have leveled against Republicans in Congress. He blamed the tough economic times on ” a class of career elitists” and “cowards”. As we should all know, “career elitist” is Republican slang for “liberal”.

Coburn was given the chance to defend his remarks, on a conservative radio show hosted by Pat Campbell. According to Coburn, he was only joking when he suggested he may shoot lawmakers over U.S. financial issues.

“You think that’s going to come back to haunt you?” Campbell asked.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Coburn said. “I don’t care. The problems are so big. What I was trying to do was be funny. They know that.”

“They’ll make anything they want out of anything I say and I, quite frankly, don’t care. The problems that are in front of us are big enough that we ought to be going after them. And the fact that we don’t go after them, the fact that you got a non-solution to the problem coming out of Washington — you know, how many of your listeners actually think something’s going to happen that actually is going to cut the debt limit — cut our expenses?”

What Senator Coburn is saying, is that we ought to “go after” liberal lawmakers with guns. His remarks come nearly a month after Gabrielle Giffords returned to Congress to cast her vote for the debt deal after being shot in the head 6 months earlier.

Here is the audio from the radio show: