Justin’s Daily Sleepy Time Thought: 8-18-2011

ZZzzz...is 70 a larger number than 225?...ZZzzz...No? Than Bush took more. STFU...ZZzzz...Polly want a cracker?...ZZzzz...

I was wondering why I kept seeing comments about Obama taking a vacation pop up in conservative “I hate Obama”-type threads. It didn’t make any sense.  It’s a running joke about how many vacation days Bush took. Obviously Obama has taken far less. And yet, there it was; a repeated attempt to mock Obama for his “excessive” vacation time.

Then I saw this article tonight.

And just like that, the absolute sheep-like mentality and hypocrisy of the Right jumps out in terms so unambiguous that it took my breath away.

He’s been attacked on Fox. He’s been attacked by leading conservative figures. He’s been attacked by the Right Wing Blogosphere. For taking too many vacation days. Really.

In comparison to who, exactly? Saint Ronald?  Naaah, can’t be. He’d taken more at this point. Maybe that hard worker, George W. Bush? Hell no! That lazy bastard had already taken more than THREE TIMES as much time off at this point in the blight on world history that was his presidency.

So what does this tell us? That conservatives will repeat ANYTHING they are told to say. Even if they know, for a fact, that it is not true. And this is why I often spit on conservatives. If everything you say is a lie or based on one, you are a worthless human being.

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