Rick Perry Gets Heckled, Claims Abstinence Works Despite Being Presented Statistics That Show Otherwise (VIDEO)

A humorous graph on why abstinence only education fails. Image from http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a207/anime_angelchick/graph.jpg

Rick Perry has had a rough week. He is taking a lot of criticism over comments and is following in the footsteps of most Republicans when it comes to answering questions. And questions about the effectiveness of abstinence are no different.

During an interview, Rick Perry was presented with statistics showing that his state of Texas is third in the nation in number of teen pregnancies. The interviewer then asked Perry to explain this ranking if abstinence really works. Perry responded only that “abstinence works” and proceeded to fumble over and over again when confronted with the statistic. He then went on to blame those who teach the kids. Apparently, you have to teach abstinence the correct way, because according to Perry, abstinence worked in his experience. Considering that reports are surfacing about Perry’s investment in porn, I’m betting that not having sex with an actual person came easily to him. (Pardon the pun)

Here’s the video: