Texas Governor Rick Perry Hates America

Texas Governor and potential Republican Presidential nominee Rick Perry.

Rick Perry Hates America!

Yes! Rick Perry has proven he hates America by his suggestion that he could consider the option to secede in the future,
but the real proof that he hates America is in the pudding and in his actions and his past record. The sad state of affairs in his beloved state of Texas is shameful and indeed telling.

Perry’s reign of terror includes the fact that he has created more low paying jobs than any other state and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Last year, 550,000 Texans were paid the minimum wage or less, up from 173,000 in 2006. The state’s per capita income is lower than the national number and the poverty rate is higher. Texas under ‘Scary’ Perry overall has been the eighth poorest state in the union. Nearly 10 percent of Texans are working at or below minimum wage, according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report — a rate that tied with Mississippi for the nation’s worst.

One in four Texans also have no health insurance…this is the highest rate in the country.
During ‘Scary’ Perry’s tenure, Texas has led all states in mercury, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and benzene air pollution as well as been a runner up in sulfur dioxide emissions.

Texas has allotted less money per capita than any other state in the maintenance of its drinking water supplies. There has been no real improvement in water quality as a result. Texas is 47th in the discharge of toxic chemicals into waterways and third worst in water quality.

Only Mississippi exceeds Texas in the percentage of citizens over 25 who lack a high school diploma and the Lone Star State is 47th out of 50 in English literacy levels.

This is just scraping the surface with this guy so obviously more info is yet to come…including the data on where in Texas Governor Perry has decided to bury Nuclear Waste…a deal that has already been signed and sealed. This guy is the worst possible person to be America’s President and even Dubya is referred to as ‘Rick Perry light’

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