Bachmann Staffer Tied to Ugandan Minister behind ‘Kill the Poop-Eating Gays’ Bill

Michele Bachmann, a vicious anti-gay crusader herself, might be rivaled in the homophobia department by her campaign aide Peter Waldron.

Waldron, the leader of Bachmann’s faith-based outreach in Iowa and South Carolina and the man credited with propelling Bachmann to the Ames Straw Poll victory, has ties to Ugandan minister Martin Ssempa. In 2004, Waldron was invited to speak at Ssempa’s church. Last year Ssempa rose to international notoriety for his support of genocidal legislation that seeks to execute gay people and imprison anyone who fails to report gay people to the Ugandan authorities.

The New Republic documented Waldron’s visit to Ssempa’s church (by Andrew Rice):

“The Sunday I attended Ssempa’s church, after he finished his sermon, the pastor told his audience that he had a special guest to introduce…Dr. Peter Waldron of Wyoming. Waldron told the congregation that he had once been a military man and that he used to travel around Africa a lot in the 1960s. He was vague about the nature of his work. (“I’m not at liberty to say,” he later told me.) But he claimed that, on one occasion, it resulted in some good people getting executed by a firing squad. After that, he contemplated suicide, he told the audience. Then he found Jesus.”

The fact that Waldron was an associate of Ssempa is shocking enough, but that’s not all. Two years later, in 2006, Waldron was still knocking around Uganda when he was arrested on terrorism charges for allegedly having four AK-47 rifles and 180 bullets “all without a valid license or reasonable excuse,” according to a chief magistrate in Uganda.

Ugandan police said Waldron was planning to start a political party based on Christian principles when he was arrested. Waldron was released about a month later – for which he credits the Bush administration.

Neither being charged with having illegal assault weapons nor palling around with people who are homicidal toward gays is acceptable. But both of them wrapped up in the same package – in a person who is trying to influence the next U.S. presidential election – is one mighty scary and enraging proposition.

Where does the “poop-eating” come in? That’s an act Ssempa unbelievably insists that gays engage in:


Stand with civil rights. Protest Bachmann.


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