Conservative Smackdown of the Day: 8-14-2011

Congratulations, you're scumbags!

Awarded to the Bay Area Rapid Transit system of San Francisco for shutting down cell phone service in four of their stations to disrupt perfectly legal protests.

Not only are they engaging in the same totalitarian tactics used by dictators in the Middle East, widely panned by supposedly “enlightened” countries like our own, but they’ve ignored the very basic lesson those same dictators learned: If you’re already dealing with an enraged populace, the LAST thing you want to do is try to exert control in such a heavy handed fashion. Especially when the populace involved is as adverse to being censored as ours is. You might as well throw a match on the gasoline.

This is a completely nonpartisan issue and I should expect the Right to be just as outraged as the Left. It doesn’t even matter what the protest is about at this point, if we allow such actions to be normalized here in the United States we will have allowed a vital component of who we are as a people to be lost.

Congratulations BART! You’re a bunch of unamerican scumbags!!

Read more about BART’s Mubarak moment here.


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