Justin’s Daily Sleepy Time Thought: 8-12-2011

ZZzzz...Look at all the mud they're flinging!...ZZzzz...At each other!!...ZZzzz...Bunch of damn dirty Republicans!...ZZzzz...

After last night’s GOP debate, it doesn’t appear that there is a clear front runner yet. Rick Perry is about to throw his hat in the ring and Sarah Palin is still giving every appearance of running.

Eh, who cares? It won’t matter one whit who the nominee is. They’re all going to run exactly the same campaign against Obama. “Obama wrecked the economy.” Which is why the GOP is going to do EVERYTHING it can to stop any kind of progress at all. They’ll produce exactly ZERO jobs and kill as many of them as possible. During this they will claim Obama is not doing anything while doing nothing themselves.

Unfortunately for the GOP, enough of the country just watched their game plan in action and they won’t forget it anytime soon. And just in case they do they’ll get a nice refresher when the GOP does it AGAIN over the budget in a few months. There is literally NO WAY the GOP won’t do it again. They’ve had a taste of illegitimate power and now they’re like junkies. They’ll never give it up until it kills them.

Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of sociopaths.

Sleep tight, you filthy scum!

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