Conservative Smackdown of the Day: 8-12-11

Why no, we CAN'T raise taxes! How will they be able to pay for my bonu...errrrr... campaign contrib...ummm...create jobs? Yeah, that's it! THAT'S the ticket!

Awarded to Mitch McConnell for, once upon a time, championing raising taxes on the rich to avoid screwing the middle class and then doing a complete 180 twenty years later.  From his “Fair Share” 1990 campaign ad:

“I’m sure you’ve been watching this mess in Washington.

I’d like you to know how I feel about it.

I haven’t voted for one of these lousy budget packages for years and I won’t vote for this one.

It would raise taxes on the wrong people.

Unlike some folks around here I think everyone should pay their fair share.  Including the rich.

We need to protect our seniors from Medicare cuts too.

I don’t care if the President or Congressional leaders twist my arm.  I won’t support any deal that isn’t a fair deal for the working families of Kentucky.”

My, how those were better days!  Of course, modern day McConnell vehemently denies this.  According to his office he meant he wanted to do away with unnecessary deductions and other tax dodging loopholes.

Well, OK, sure. I’ll bite.  Then why the resistance to closing them NOW?  Oh right, because you’re a corporate whore and we can’t get a single dime out of them without their permission!  I forgot.

It’s amazing what twenty years of prostituting yourself out to the highest bidder can do to your values.  Congratulations, Mitch McConnell!  You’re a hypocrite!!


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Edited By: Sherri Yarbrough