Michelle Bachmann And Her Secret Love Of Government

Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann

Everyone knows that Michelle “Batsh*t” Bachmann is completely and utterly crazy…right?

Michelle Bachmann is the Tea Party Queen.  She is well-known for her rants about government spending, calling the 700-billion dollar plus stimulus plan and the auto-bailout an “orgy” of spending.  She is completely opposed to the concept of gay marriage, married to a man who runs the so-called “Pray Away The Gay” clinic.  But let’s look at the facts:

According to the Huffington Post, Michelle Bachmann has made sixteen (SIXTEEN!) requests for money, from the stimulus plan she decried, to the Department of Transportation and the Department of Agriculture.  According to HuffPost, she even made two (TWO!) requests for money from the evil, job-killing Environmental Protection Agency that she has promised to eliminate if she is elected to be the first Tea Party president.

Michelle Bachmann has voted for Paul Ryan’s Path to Prosperity, something no one in their right mind would do.  On the other hand, she refused to vote for the “Cut, Cap, and Balance” bill, along with fellow Presidential Candidate and Crazy, Ron Paul.

Moving on to the personal side of things…. Bachmann’s husband received federal funds through Health Insurance programs, but we can write that off to an insatiable desire for personal wealth.  More startlingly, Michelle Bachmann used the federally subsidized loans, 417,000 dollars worth of them, to purchase a 5,200 Square foot home on a golf course.

Now that we have looked at some of the facts, I hope you can join me in the conclusion:  Michelle Bachmann is a sleeper agent planted within the Tea Party to get elected, and then turn into the most government-loving, elitist liberal that the White House has ever seen!


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