Justin’s Daily Sleepy Time Thought: 8-10-2011

ZZzzz...NOW guns are illegal?!...ZZzzz...You said you weren't going to tax us!...ZZzzz...I can't vote because of a PARKING TICKET?!...ZZzzz...

So last night’s elections result were very troubling. As Thom Hartman put it:

America is now — demonstrably, as proven by Wisconsin — just a few years away from the possibility of a totally corrupted, totally billionaire- and corporate-controlled political system.    Political scientists call it oligarchy.

As fired up as the liberal base was, it was not a match for the “grassroots” efforts of anonymous outside money. Sure, the unions poured millions in too but this was just a State election. Do you honestly think the corporations won’t outspend us in the National elections next year? 2012 is going to put the money spent in 2008 to shame.

And if we fail next year?

All it will take in just one Republican administration with a Republican Congress and that’s all she wrote, folks. By the time the first mid-term elections roll around, our ability to vote will have been sharply curtailed and the unions, the greatest weapon liberals have even though most of us have tumbled to that fact a little late, will have been “legally” broken. Republican Governors all over the country have displayed little interest in getting re-elected as long as they have the chance to enact their agenda. Think of them as the Kamikaze squad. They’ll make it far easier for Republicans to continue to be elected even as they are voted out of office. The current crop of GOP Congressmen are only slightly less suicidal.

After that? A few decades of Republican hegemony. The social safety net will be completely dismantled. Freedoms will be restricted. “In the name of national security,” no doubt and the corporations will be completely unchained. At some point, the conservative base will figure out that the “freedom” they were promised was a lie. But by then, will it be too late?

Try to get some sleep, you filthy scum. It’s gonna be a long bumpy ride to 2012.

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