Conservative Smackdown of the Day: 8-10-2011

The Pink Menace is upon us!! Who will save me from these indecent thoughts?!

Awarded to Linda Harvey from Mission America for declaring that homosexuals should not be allowed to be teachers because it places the children in the awkward position of *GASP* having to be/learn tolerance!

From Harvey:

Kids should not be put in the confusing position of having a teacher they like and respect in many ways who’s also known to be practicing homosexual behavior. Of course that’s where many of our children in public schools today find themselves because the National Education Association not only allows but applauds and defends openly homosexuality and even transvestite teachers…. The fact is that no homosexuality should be in our schools, period. When people leave that behavior behind, then they might be qualified for a job involving children. Out and proud homosexuals should not have jobs that involve children. I know that’s not the current policy in many schools but it should be.”

Republican Jesus™ forbid that these poor, beleaguered children learn at a young age that homosexuals are just regular people! That might lead to acceptance! Where will it all end?? How will they learn to hate The Gay if they’re not “protected” from it?

The funny part is that Harvey concedes that homosexuals can be “liked and respected in many ways…” That is quite the step up from the usual Right Wing demonization of The Gay!

Still, her bigotry comes through loud and clear. Linda Harvey, Congratulations! You’re a scumbag!!

Read more about the hate here.


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