Chris Christie Accused Of Treason For Appointing Muslim Judge

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R). Image from

And the sharks are eating their own once again. The head of the Center For Security Policy and right-wing radio host Frank Gaffney, accused Christie of treason against the United States while interviewing Andy McCarthy of The National Review. McCarthy had already attacked Christie for encouraging the supposedly “anti-Western, anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic, anti-assimilationist” leadership in the Muslim-American community.

Christie had been considered a staunch conservative by many in the Tea Party until he appointed a Muslim American to be a judge. He also came under fire from the right after defending the appointment by criticizing the right-wing belief that Sharia law is taking over America.

Personally, I applaud Governor Christie for appointing a Muslim to a judgeship and for criticizing the Tea Party obsession with Sharia law. If this proves anything about the current brand of right-wing politics, it’s that even Governor Christie isn’t far enough to the right for them. The only kind of politician that makes them happy is the kind that does everything they want, no exceptions. And that is bad for America.