Conservative Smackdown of the Day: 8-9-2011

Why let the little people decide their fate? The rich are so much better than they are!

Awarded to Forbes columnist Bill Flax for going Full Monty on the Right’s burning desire to disenfranchise everyone except for the wealthy. It’s not like we didn’t know that’s what they want but it’s fantastic to see it so boldly stated:

 “Before we devolve into a Third World dictatorship where the mob denies the liberties of losing minorities we ought to ponder several potential solutions:

  • A basic literacy assessment;
  • A non-partisan test ensuring competency of basic constitutional principles;
  • A stake in the community reflected by property, employment or other measures;
  • Restrict the franchise to lessen conflicts of interest regarding state employees, lobbyists, contractors, etc.;
  • Surrender one’s voting privileges when seeking public assistance.

Washington reels from the lack of such discipline today.”

Of course, once such restrictions were put into place, they would slowly grow to include those who are employed but just don’t make enough to be a true stakeholder in the community. And then those with a high school diploma. And then a B.A. And then only those that believe in God. And then those that only believe in the Christian God. etc. etc.

One almost feels bad for the oppressed minority that Bill laments is going to have all their liberties stripped from them. Do you think he might have been referring to homosexuals? AHAHAHAHA!  I kid! Of course not. The poor minority he speaks of are the “job creators” Rich that would have their ability to rape and pillage the country and then hoard all the money curtailed for the benefit of all. Oh those poor, poor rich people! How will they survive?!

Bill Flax, for attacking one of the most sacred and necessary rights we have in the United States and revealing yourself to be the filthy plutocrat you are, Congratulations! You’re a scumbag!!

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