Justin’s Daily Sleepy Time Thought: 8-6-2011

ZZzzz...I am not a number...ZZzzz...I am a free man...ZZzzz...Stop laughing at me...ZZzzz...

Conservatives have to be some of the most delusional people on the face of the Earth. Right now, they are cheering that the Tea Party really got one over on those Socialist Nazi traitors on the Left. They want that deficit GONE and they don’t care how it happens! We’re spending too much! We can’t raise taxes in a recession! Blah blah blah.

So they get what they want just like they did during Bush. And the country does worse. A lot worse. We cut those taxes. We deregulated those banks. We made the country more “free!” And millions lost their life savings, their job and their house.

And now they demand we keep doing what the Right wants because only they can fix the country…by doing exactly the same things that broke it in the first place.

And how quickly will  they forget next year, during election season, that we HAVE been doing it their way? They’ve held us all hostage to make their demands reality. Come the election, when the country is feeling the effects of the Right Wing ransom note, they will scream that everything is worse and the only way to fix the country will be to vote the GOP into the White House…so they can keep doing exactly the same things that made it all worse in the first place.

Rinse and repeat until it all falls apart and the Right wake up with chains on their ankles and the boot of the rich firmly upon their neck.

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