Conservative Smackdown of the Day: 8-6-2011

People on unemployment make me sick! Can't they just work at Wal-Mart or something? Stop taking MY money!

Awarded to Eric Cantor for the following statement about cutting unemployment benefits:

…the most important thing we can do for somebody who’s unemployed is to see if we can get them a job. I mean, that’s what needs to be the focus. For too long in Washington now we’ve been worried about pumping up the stimulus moneys and pumping up unemployment benefits and to a certain extent you have states for which you can get unemployment for almost two years and I think those people on unemployment benefits would rather have a job. So that’s where our focus needs to be.”

OF COURSE THEY WOULD RATHER HAVE A JOB!!! Breathe, Justin. Be calm and centered… OK, I’ll bite. What jobs might you be referring to Mr. Cantor? Would it be the couple of hundred thousand jobs your latest round of cuts is about to make disappear? No?

Maybe it’s all the jobs your Wall St. buddies were supposed to produce after getting all those tax cuts? No?

How about all the jobs that people can get for minimum wage? Maybe THOSE jobs will pay the bills? No?

I hear your lips flapping about cutting benefits and producing jobs but all I see is cuts and not a single frakking job creating bill from you and your lowlife Party of “No.” So, what? In order to get people back to work we have to “motivate” by making their situation even worse? How about you create some jobs FIRST and then worry about reducing unemployment benefits?

Eric Cantor, for doing everything in your power to ruin the lives of Americans who did nothing wrong except exist during your reign of terror, Congratulations! You’re a scumbag!!

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