Justin’s Daily Sleepy Time Thought: 8-5-2011

ZZzzz...squeal piggy! squeal!...ZZzzz...did you just lose your super yacht? Awwwww...ZZzzz...I hope you don't need a bailout, cause THAT ain't happening again...ZZzzz...

I don’t know about “shared sacrifice” but I do know that Wall St. is finally sharing our pain. Between the stock market panicking over the GOP’s hostage drama “win” and today’s downgrading of America’s credit rating due, in no small part, to the GOP’s insistence that no revenue be raised, EVER, Wall St. just got a huge steaming pile of Karma dumped on its very expensive loafers.

Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving bunch of greedy bastards.

The tasty part is that they created the Tea Party and totally lost control of it. How very Frankenstein of them. Their only choice now is to either try and buy them off (good luck bribing the fanatics) or join us here in the pitchfork and torches brigade as we kick their crazed asses out of office next year.

It’s possible they might decide to double down but I doubt it. Wall St. is full of greedy assholes, not morons.

Once I got over just how badly they just screwed the country, the fact that Wall St. is squealing like a stuck pig puts smile on my face.  Schadenfreude is awesome.

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