I’d Rather Be At A ‘Hip-Hop BBQ’ Than A Klansmen Tea Party

Does this image seem racist to you? Screenshot from http://nation.foxnews.com/president-obama/2011/08/05/obama-parties-chris-rock-jay-z-and-whoopi-while-rome-burns

Has anyone else noticed that Fox News doesn’t even try to hide their blatant racism anymore? In fact, it’s becoming more of the norm amongst some conservatives. When they say a racist remark, instead of retracting it or apologizing for it, they defend it (“it’s not really what I meant”). That is utter malarkey.

You can’t call the President of the United States of America a “Tar Baby” and think that it is a proper metaphor to use. Does it have multiple meanings? Yes. However, when one of the meanings has to do with negative imagery of African-Americans, and you use it to describe our African-American President, you can see where one may think it is a tad bit racist.

You also can’t refer to the President’s birthday party as a “Hip-Hop BBQ“. What is supposed to be meant by that? It was President Barack Hussein Obama’s 50th birthday party. Hip-Hop is a style of music and dancing that is predominantly popular amongst the black and hispanic cultures. Indeed, he also did serve BBQ at his party, as well as several other tasty dishes. If you are trying to point out the fact that President Obama is black and that he had black guests, I think we get that. We have eyes. We also have brains that can distinguish appropriate behavior that holds tolerance and embraces differences, from inappropriate behavior that holds intolerance and hatred on the basis of skin color.

As well, what does President Obama celebrating his 50th birthday have to do with “creating jobs”? Why did Fox have to politicize his party? It was his birthday, not a session of Congress where current GOP Congresspeople have not yet introduced one jobs bill. Congresspeople that are now on a month-long vacation as millions go without a paycheck. It is true that the President is in a political office, however this was not a political event. It was a celebration of his birth, here, in the United States of America. It was not an event to be scrutinized by Obama naysayers that like to pick on every last thing that he does or doesn’t do.

For the most part I believe Fox doesn’t realize what they are saying, or writing, or implying when they do it. I truly believe that this sort of dialogue is so embedded into their minds that they think it is appropriate, and/or mildly amusing.

This acceptance of negative language in the Fox News media outlets shows not only disrespect for our President, but also for every person of color in the United States and the accompanying world. It also gives justification for those that view its programming and read its news to be equally as disrespectful and intolerant.

There has been an uprising in racial tension ever since President Obama took office. Many will say the uprising has nothing to do with race, and is simply caused by a disagreement in what some may find inappropriate policy. Well if that were true, those that don’t like spending and condemn President Obama’s policies would have done likewise when President Reagan and President George W. Bush were in office. President Bush had what they like to call an “out-of-control spending” habit. Where were they then? If you say that you aren’t racist, why do you hold signs at rallies that depict President Obama in African tribal clothing, and/or Photoshop him into the image of an ape? Why are there viral emails sent amongst conservatives that show this same vile imagery? Why did so many continually ask for our first African-American President’s birth certificate even after he showed it to you the first time? Why ask for it at all?

Saying you are not racist, does not prove that you are not a bigot. Behaving like a civilized adult that understands we live in a nation and world full of all races, religions, creeds, and sexual orientations while being able to hold on your own values at the same time as embracing those of others will prove that you are not a bigot.

If you live in a world where only you matter, and only what you do matters, and only what you believe matters, you live in a world of your own and are not welcome with the rest of us. Because that’s what the world is, it is a planet full of “the rest of us”… embrace that. We embrace you, just not your state of mind.

Now as to Fox News, as well as those that they espouse, I am disgusted by their vile attempt at journalism. If they want to broadcast the news, have at it. Just leave the intolerance and bigotry at home in the closet under the years of self-loathing and insecurities.

Let me finish by stating; I would enjoy being at a “Hip -Hop BBQ” where I can dance and have fun. Where it is an event full of tolerant individuals that care not only about themselves, but the world around them. I’d rather be at a “Hip-Hop BBQ” than a Klansmen Tea Party.