Sleepy Time Thought: 8-4-2011're HAPPY kids were killed?...ZZzzz...what the frakk is wrong with you?...ZZzzz...Why don't you visit Oslo and say that out loud you animal?...ZZzzz...

Every time I think I’m inured to the absolute depravity of the Right they find a way to make me throw up in my mouth all over again.

Racism? Meh. Standard.

Anti-homosexual? Yeah, I’ve heard it all before.

Hating the poor? I’m not sure how much worse than comparing them to stray dogs that breed when you feed them it can get.

Misogyny? They haven’t yet plumbed the depths of this one and they proved it this week.

But then there was the reaction to the Oslo shootings. Debbie Schlussel went places that no rational human would go and wouldn’t dare show her face in public again if not for the Right Wing bubble she inhabits. To call the victims of the shootings “terrorists” because they opposed the Israeli’s inhumane treatment of Palestinians is vile beyond anything I have seen before. To justify their deaths as “karma” because these teenagers had it coming for being “Socialists” displays a wanton disregard for human life only the most disturbed of fanatics can possess. And she wasn’t the only one.

We, as liberals, resist the call to the darkness that the Right gave in to years ago and that is why we are slowly losing. We can either fight fanaticism with more of the same or hope that enough of the country will recognize the Right for what it has become, a monstrous evil, and reject it.

I still have hope but next year’s elections will be the tipping point for me.

Sleep tight, you liberal scum!


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Edited By: Alexis Atherton