Conservative Smackdown of the Day: 8-4-2011

Credit Obama? Hell no! Not in MY "unbiased" cartoons!

Awarded to Mike Huckabee for his 9-11 children’s video. There are many, MANY things wrong with Mr. Huckabee’s take on the event leading up to and following the attacks of September 11. Most of it is typical conservative spin and lies by omission and is covered in pretty good detail here. A conservative lying about recent history? What else is new? In thirty years, their grandchildren will swear on a stack of Bibles that Osama bin Laden was in Iraq and Saddam Hussein personally supplied the men to fly the planes.

MY problem with Huckabee’s little story is he goes out of his way to lionize Bush while making damn sure any kids watching it will come away believing HE killed bin Laden. Of course, all of the events in the cartoon happened seven years before Obama was elected president and it makes perfect sense not to mention him. Except that the death of bin Laden is a key part of the video and there’s not a word of WHO authorized the mission to kill him. I’m not even sure the date of his death is mentioned leaving any viewers with the very clear impression that it happened under Bush’s watch.

Mike Huckabee, for your hand in white washing history (emphasis on the “White”), Congratulations! You’re a scumbag!!

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