Sleepy Time Thought: 8-3-2011 break it, you buy it...ZZzzz...austerity WASN'T your idea? Since when...ZZzzz...but you said cutting spending would fix everything...ZZzzz...

So the markets still took a dive after the debt ceiling passed. So much for GOP predictions of “everything will be great when all this uncertainty is gone!” I am very much looking forward to our credit rating being downgraded and watching the Right scramble to blame Obama. Not so much the downgrading as the scrambling. After all, according to Boehner, he got 98% of what he wanted so when the economy tanks who are we to look to? It was THEIR plan, after all!

Pay attention Democratic Party: You gave the terrorists what they wanted, now you make goddamn sure EVERYONE knows it when it all goes South. And when they take hostages again in a few months, try not to act too surprised. It’s getting¬†embarrassing.

Sleep tight, you filthy scum!

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