Conservative Smackdown of the Day: 8-3-2011

Country before Party? Are you stupid? GOP 4ever!!!

Awarded to the House GOP for using procedural gimmicks to continue blocking President Obama’s ability to make recess appointments:

Republicans have been blocking or stalling confirmation of many Obama administration nominees. The Senate cannot go on a formal recess without approval from the House, and the Republican majority there again has blocked one.

Honestly, how this is not more widely reported is simply beyond my understanding. If the core philosophy of the GOP is that government does not work and then they do everything in their power to make sure that it actually does fail, you would think it might be of a little more interest to the media. Their deliberate sabotage speaks directly to their credibility.

Think of it this way: If a doctor went on TV and said “Sex is bad because you get diseases!” and he then proceeded to have unprotected sex with 500 people with HIV, would YOU take him seriously when he declares he’s proven his statement because now he has HIV?

I know I wouldn’t. And yet the media still treats the GOP as serious politicians as they leave the judicial branch woefully understaffed and vital positions throughout the government empty. It’s a win-win for the GOP, leave it empty for a Democratic president and you can use the ensuing difficulties to bolster your claim about the government not working and when a Republican gets into the White House, suddenly it will be an absolute necessity that those positions be filled. By loyal Republican operatives, of course.

Meanwhile, it’s a total lose-lose for the country.

House GOP, for not caring about how much you negatively impact the country and only about advancing your agenda, Congratulations, you’re all scumbags!!

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