Conservative Smackdown of the Day: 8-1-2011

Oh GOP, you set the standard in crooked!

To the Koch-funded Astroturf organization, Americans For Prosperity, for YET AGAIN, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that conservatives hate democracy and will do anything to undermine it by sending out absentee ballots with the wrong date on it “by accident.” If you can’t win or buy an election, steal it.

And I’m sure the conservative movement didn’t have anything to do with this fire that just happened to gut the headquarters of a union PAC that supports the recall elections against the Koch GOP State Senators.

To a conservative, turning out the liberal vote = “stealing elections.” Misleading voters, on the other hand or taking away their ability to vote or simply “finding” missing ballots is just business as usual.

Americans For Prosperity, thank you for doing all the heavy lifting for us when we make our case that conservatives really don’t believe in democracy at all. Congratulations! You’re all scumbags!!

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