Why saying ‘I’m in the Tea Party’ is the same as saying ‘I eat glue and like it’

Does anyone else have that same moment of “what did you just say?” when a member of the “Tea Party” opens their mouth? Does anyone think they even understand what they are saying when they open their mouth? Does anyone else agree that they seem to have a Rupert Murdoch/Koch created robot living inside of their head controlling their every movement and thought process? Does anyone else think that what the “Tea Party” believes is good for them and the country is no better than eating a bucket of toxic glue while claiming that they like it?

If ignorance is bliss, I’m surprised the “Tea Party” isn’t gallivanting around singing ‘Kumbayah’ whilst dancing with pretend unicorns in a field of imaginary sunflowers that produce oil from their stems.

They live in a world that just simply doesn’t exist. They believe government programs are “charity,” and that the government shouldn’t be in the business of providing happiness and success for those that inhabit the country for which they govern. Here I was thinking all this time that the great nation that is the United States of America wanted to enable “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” as well as promote the general welfare. What was I thinking?!

Oh yes, I was thinking that I actually read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America.

It’s not “charity”… it’s a promise our forefathers granted to us when building the government the “Tea Party” now claims to despise. It’s not “charity”… it’s civilization, and a respect for our fellow citizens.

Just like eating glue, the “Tea Party” message is toxic, unhealthy, and should be avoided. The fact is, they don’t seem to understand that the debt ceiling is not about money to be spent, but rather money that has already been spent and it is our obligation to pay. That’s why we will default if we don’t raise it. We owe money, and by not raising the debt ceiling it shows the rest of the world how irresponsible we are. Interests rates will go up, and Americans will be losing more of their income than ever before. The President would be forced to raise taxes to pay for it. What the “Tea Party” is pushing for is exactly what they preached against when starting their little bowel movement (Taxed Enough Already). Well guess what? If we default, you’re about to be taxed a lot more.

The mission of those that fund the “Tea Party” is that of corporate, profit-based initiatives, that favor the wealthy over the poor. Those that are in the “Tea Party” ¬†are in it for either that reason or perhaps it is not about taxes at all. I believe it is also about an extremist right-wing fringe of the nation that lost their sh*t when a black man became President. They are trying at all costs (including global economic catastrophe) to destroy the chance of President Obama’s reelection. They think that they can make him look as bad as possible by destroying the American way of life, and then blame it on the black man in the White House. Well, guess what? We, the American people aren’t falling for it. We know it’s the “Tea Party” that is destroying jobs, forcing Americans to have less freedom (women’s rights, gay rights, religious rights, etc), and perhaps even forcing a higher tax rate just to prove a point. If the “Tea Party” was so upset about our rising deficit and out of control spending, they would’ve had protested nearly all of President Bush backed legislation. It’s a sad day in America when those that claim to be the most patriotic are the same ones that push the country back into the knife that they are holding. It’s pathetic, and far from Patriotic, and anyone in the “Tea Party” should be ashamed of themselves. I honestly believe that two-thirds of “Tea Party” members don’t even know what they are angry about. Taxes are at their lowest rates in half a century. Guess what? It’s not about taxes.

I really hope that these particular individuals in America will stop their fetish of eating glue. It’s mucking up our insides, constipating our national way of life, and forcing the rest of the world to look at us with a weird glance like, “Dude, they eat glue and like it.”

Don’t worry Earth, we don’t all eat glue and like it. Most of us understand how toxic it can truly be.