There Are Also Christian Terrorists…

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While it has been a popular Christian past-time to brand Muslims and others from other religions as mistaken, confused and other terms that are less than endearing, it is becoming apparent that the very Christians who use this divisive activity are themselves becoming violently restless and I would like to point this out to those who have not been paying attention.

The latest evidence of the Christian assault on the masses is of course the recent mass killings that we saw in Norway

When it was suggested that this cold blooded killer was a ‘Christian soldier’ of sorts, there was an immediate uproar from the Fox news pundits… all trying to shield the religious right and their band of militant groups… suggesting it was instead an attack by Al Qaeda or some other un-christian entity.

The fact is we have been bombarded with Christian ‘acts’ of terrorism and violence since day one…anyone remember the Crusades?… The Inquisition?… The fictitious ‘War on Terror’?? which we all know was simply another shot at Muslims… I can go on and on. Closer to home, we have been inundated with cries of Homophobic hysteria from the ‘God loving Christians’, while they are constantly attempting to take away any public assistance and benefits that the poorest of us depend on to feed our families and stay out of the grave.

Oh what loving Christians…not to mention the way they are strategically trying now and have been since anyone alive can remember, to destabilize and destroy America’s economy from within, with their Fascist ramblings of Tax cuts for the ‘Job creators’ aka Voodoo Economics, by their very own G. H. W. Bush. when that other so called ‘Christian’ guy presented the idea… none other than Pres. Reagan of course.

Bill Maher suggested on his program on July 29th, that the religion is what gives the fanatics a medium in which to carry out their despicable and unwanted reign of terror. I am of the understanding that Bill is on to something there. Apparently no one wants to actually study history and find out the true teachings of Jesus Christ,…   instead they just want to wander around reciting religious and mindless dogma, to which the mindless followers breathlessly flock and donate their tithes oblivious to the real purpose that religion was first invented.

Domestic terrorism has always been the ‘Christians’ modus operandi, although the American people having been bombarded with this radical form of thinking have become oblivious to it…we have become the frog in the pot of boiling water, not even noticing the blatant signs of radical terrorism displayed in our midst, in particular the brandishing of loading weapons in rallies and the like, around the country and also in close proximity to our Elected Officials and even the President. We hear encouragement from many who take the hard line of ‘Reload , not Retreat’, ultimately resulting of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords.

It is imperative that we keep a watchful eye on these radicals… before they strike out at the American people. I remind you, there are less of them than there are of sane Americans like you and I. Be wary my friends… know them by their actions, as actions speak louder than words.


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