President Obama is Like George W in Fairy Tales and Right-Wing Fantasies

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Okay, I’ve had it; I’ve really had it, with people – including some “progressives” – who continue to beat that boring and nonsensical drum that President Obama is just like George W. “OBusha?” Really?

Well, I guess it depends on what type of logic you use: One could say that I’m just like Mike Tyson . . . except he’s male and I’m female, he’s a former heavyweight boxer and I’ve never stepped into a ring, he’s black and I’m white. The only thing we have in common is road rage . . . but other than the million ways we’re different, using the logic of those who talk about “OBusha,” Tyson and I are one and the same, two peas in a pod. The leap in logic required to say that President Obama is like George W is more like a catapult.

President Obama has dismantled many of the Bush-era horrors. You can read about all of President Obama’s accomplishments, which I’m not going to list here – but for the sake of pointing out the differences between the two . . . well, for example, as his first act in office, President Obama signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act into law – a law that had been shot down under W.   He breathed new transparent life into the Freedom of Information Act, and overturned Bush’s limits on what federal information is disseminated.  President Obama has increased infrastructure spending . . . Bush, on the other hand, never made infrastructure a priority, the only president since Hoover who didn’t.

Unlike Bush, President Obama didn’t cozy up to the credit card companies, and in fact ended the Bush-era policy of protecting them. Under President Obama, we now have consumer protections where there were none, and the vultures’ predatory practices have been banned. Unlike the practices under Bush, credit card companies are now prevented from arbitrarily raising rates.

President Obama, as a Harvard-educated person, actually has some respect for scientific studies – not Jack in the Beanstalk theories, as the right is famous for endorsing. President Obama, unlike Bush, doesn’t have his staff rewrite the results of scientific and environmental studies and reports just because the results come into conflict with a warped belief that everything was created by god and that the presence of god explains it all.

Under Bush, corporations who outsourced jobs continued to be rewarded with tax breaks . . . not under this President. President Obama ended that practice.

We’ve all heard that President Obama has ballooned the deficit – well, when you use honest accounting instead of trickery and gimmicks, it’s true that the numbers aren’t as small. Bush (along with Reagan) didn’t list certain federal programs in his federal budget – he hid programs (including, amazingly, the costs of the war) to make the budget look smaller (and, of course, to give Fox News and right-wing pundits something to bleat about, with the constant refrain of how President Obama has blown the top off the deficit). What Fox doesn’t mention is that now, under President Obama, those pesky little budget items that Bush deep-sixed are included in the annual budget – including the costs of two wars.

Despite the fact that Republicans claim to be lovers of all things military, including our soldiers, under President Bush the “stop-loss” policy kept soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan longer than their enlistment date. That’s over under this President. And while we’re talking about the military, Republicans, who grab every opportunity for a military photo-op to demonstrate their alleged support, didn’t do squat to actually help our soldiers or their families. It took this “liberal” president to order the Pentagon to cover the costs of families of fallen soldiers if they want to be there when the body arrives back in the US; it took this “liberal” president to end the Bush “blackout” on media coverage of our fallen soldiers; it took this “liberal” president to end Bush’s “blackout” policy on media coverage of war casualties; it took this “liberal” president to order better body armor for our troops, work to increase pay and benefits for the military, improve military housing, initiate a policy to hire military spouses, fund new Mine Resistant Ambush Vehicles (which are less vulnerable to roadside bombs), improve conditions at military hospitals, improve benefits for veterans, and authorize money to build more care centers for veterans. Under this supposedly militarily weak president, Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell was repealed. Under this supposedly militarily weak president, soldiers coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan return to a new and improved GI bill. Under this supposedly militarily weak president, the process of increasing the size of Special Ops units, improving technology and creating cyber security units was implemented. Unlike Bush, President Obama has made “no-bid” defense contracts a thing of the past. Unlike Bush, President Obama “suspended the Bush-era decision to purchase a fleet of Marine One helicopters from suppliers in favor of American made helicopters.” And Republicans paint themselves as patriotic?

If it weren’t for massive Republican opposition, the prison at Guantanamo Bay would have been closed; if it weren’t for massive Republican opposition and scare tactics by the right, terrorists would be housed at a new U.S.-based “super max” facility instead of Gitmo. The fact that nobody has ever escaped from a Super Max facility hasn’t prevented right-wing pundits from predicting a bloody, Freddy Krueger-like outcome should terrorists be housed in a U.S. prison.

I have one thing to say to those who call President Obama “OBusha”: “OBullshit.”