State Senator Luther Olsen Scandal and How You Can Help the Recalls in WI

This week has been quite interesting.  It started with Leslie getting attacked by a state employee who was arrested yesterday for charges involving the assault and use of a deadly weapon.  That started an entire wave of action involving heart shaped balloons and topped off with the Department of Administration hanging a net on the top of the dome so that if the balloons do hurt the painting (it’s speculation), they will not touch it.  Had they just left the one balloon up, the balloon that has become a symbol of our movement for so long, the one that stayed up for months, none of this would have happened.  But in these struggles we win a more important battle.  We showed them they cannot bring us down.  The fight in Wisconsin is not dead and every power grab or morale killer they try will not work.  We will always come back one day longer and one day stronger and the more they try to tear us down the stronger we come back.

Then, this story leaked.  Luther Olsen, the State Senator who is the head of the education committee and directly responsible for the slaughter of our wonderful education, allegedly impregnated his teenage babysitter and then paid the father off to stay silent.  Now normally I don’t circulate rumors but I know the time and effort that was put into this original story and can vouch the reporter did solid research before publishing.  It is unknown whether the woman had an abortion or had the baby, but for Luther Olsen, who stood by the cuts to funding to Planned Parenthood here in Wisconsin, would be a hypocrite if she had an abortion off of the money he paid off the father.  We need to put pressure on Luther to make a statement and let us know what happened.  It is actually seemingly common knowledge in the town he lives.  We must demand this be investigated and proper criminal charges filed if necessary but at the very least that the people get an explanation.  The original story can be found here:

And last but not least, how you can help in Wisconsin.  What happens here effects everyone, this is ground zero in the battle for our democracy and the battle to take back our country from corporate rule.  If Wisconsin succeeds in our resistance (and believe me we are ahead), then the nation succeeds and what is happening here is therefore scorned for the rest of history.  If Scott Walker and the current GOP succeeds it will set precedent that these radical agendas that take away from the middle and lower class to make the upper class all the wealthier can succeed and our nation will be in severe danger.  We must set the example that this sort of government behavior will not be tolerated.  The first step in that is the State Senate recalls.  I am asking all of you across the country to join me in calling the recall districts.  They provide scripts and it doesn’t take much to find information.  This effects everyone, so everyone should help out.  You can place calls from home.  You can do so here:

Thank you all for your continued interest and action in Wisconsin.  By making phone calls when you can we can all do our part to make a better country.  And please share this link on your facebooks and twitters and pages.  One day longer.  One day stronger!


Jeremy Ryan

Executive Director

Defending Wisconsin PAC

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