A Prayer For The Success Of The Tea Party.

Buddy Christ says: GOP = SOL

Dear Republican God I do not believe in,

Please let the Tea Party win the battle for the soul of the GOP. As they rail against John Boehner for being a “traitor” (seriously, God, that’s what they are saying) because he doesn’t want to crash the United States’ economy, it’s become obvious that they Reagan Republicans simply cannot co-exist with the Tea Party Republicans. The Tea Party considers Reaganites to be, get this, too liberal!!

“Tea Party activists, who clamor for lower taxes and smaller government, are up in arms over a Boehner plan that would slash $1 trillion in federal spending and increase the nation’s $14.3 trillion legal limit on borrowing money.”

Crazy, right?

So if you could just let the Tea Party totally dominate the GOP, a lot of us liberals would be very happy. Sure, it would be painful at first. We would be dealing with an entire party of ignorant fanatics but the thing about fanatics is, they can never go for very long without turning on each other and self destructing. After they swallow themselves with “purity tests” and infighting, while handing the Democratic Party another supermajority in the Senate, the adults can get back to work and fix the country the Right has wrecked.

Read more about how the Tea Party HATES John Boehner here.

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