Republicans Continue Their War Against The People Of Wisconsin

Republican Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker

As if the people of Wisconsin haven’t been punished enough by Governor Scott Walker and the Republican controlled legislature, the GOP has unveiled a plan to keep voters from acquiring the required voter identification cards and a plan that would confuse and deter voters from going to the polls.

When Republicans passed the clearly un-American Voter ID law, they disenfranchised senior citizens, minorities, and the poor as they planned to do all along in an attempt to kill the Democratic voting base. But voter identification laws are no longer good enough for the Wisconsin GOP. Governor Scott ‘Der Fuhrer’ Walker and the Wisconsin Reichstag (legislature) have decided to prevent voters from getting IDs in Democratic districts by closing as many as 16 DMV offices, all while expanding the hours of DMV offices in Republican districts. This move makes it significantly more difficult to get the required ID, therefore keeping the people who need them most, from voting.

DMVs are also being instructed to rig the game as one mother and her son discovered. Traveling from station to station in one DMV to get an ID for her son, the pair ran into many roadblocks thrown in their way. One clerk told the boy that his bank account didn’t show enough “activity” to get the ID, which creates a brand new question. Why and how are Republicans able to monitor the banking accounts of potential voters? Isn’t that illegal? Another clerk informed them that unless they specified that they came for a Voter ID, they would be charged $28 for it even though there is absolutely no difference between the Voter ID and the non-Voter ID. They leave the burden for making this distinction on the customer: no signs, no warnings, just a box on the form you have to hope you notice and check. But these sleazy tactics are not enough for the Republican fascists in Wisconsin.

See the video of the boy at the DMV here;

Also in the works is a redistricting plan that re-draws virtually every single district line in the state in an attempt to drum Democrats out of the legislature. This plan, if implemented, would turn Wisconsin into the Texas of the north. If you haven’t been paying attention to Texas politics, Democrats are all but extinct in the political process in that state. Republicans in Wisconsin are aiming to force Democrats out of Wisconsin politics through redistricting and voter disenfranchisement. Representative Andy Jorgensen’s district, for example, has been split into four pieces, which moves him into a district represented by a Republican. And even if the voters wanted to vote for Jorgensen, they would have a difficult time acquiring Voter IDs because the DMV in his area is being closed by the state.

And finally, if voter disenfranchisement and unfair redistricting isn’t enough, Republicans are also flooding the recall elections with millions of dollars. The conservative group, Club For Growth, is pouring in millions of dollars in an attempt to swing those elections in favor of the GOP. Wisconsin is merely a model of what a Koch controlled America would look like and the Wisconsin model is being repeated in other Republican controlled states. In the Republican/Koch grab for power, they are suppressing Democratic voters and basically fixing elections. If Democratic voters are unable to vote, they may never be fairly represented in the state of Wisconsin again. The only recourse the people may have is to literally drag Republicans out of power, and right now, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea. If people are kept from voting, what other option do they have? None that I think of.