Republican Hostage Taking – or ‘I Thought We Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists’

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No compromise! Absolutely no raising of taxes! Slash Social Security and Medicare! Meet our demands and give us $1 trillion or we will blow up the economy! When did the Republican Party turn into Dr. Evil from Austin Powers?

Ronald Reagan said we don’t negotiate with terrorists, and George W. Bush reiterated this sentiment. But those patriotic Right-Wing extremists are terrorizing the US Federal Government with their threats, demands, and absolute refusal to compromise. They are holding our economy hostage in exchange for draconian cuts in our social services. This is a crisis of choice, being thrust upon us by the Republicans in office.

Temporary, unfunded tax cuts were used to stave off recession fears in 2001 and again in 2003. Two unfunded wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were waged to fight terrorism. A botched cost-cutting measure to Medicare granted a windfall to the pharmaceutical companies through Medicare, Part D. All of which is continuing to add to our deficit today.

But in order to balance our budget we are to share the sacrifice. While billionaire Warren Buffet suggests the rich should pay more in taxes than their secretaries, Senator Orrin Hatch says the poor should do more to shrink the national debt. Where is the shared sacrifice?

The only “shared sacrifice” Republicans are offering is in the suffering which will result from tanking our economy. Considering Mitch McConnell identified the Republican’s number one priority as “ensuring Obama is a one-term president,” it should come to no surprise they would stop at nothing to attain this goal.

Republicans view the operation of our federal government as being akin to a business. But what type of business are they using as their model? It is not a Microsoft or an Exxon/Mobil which will be their model, but rather one representative of a McDonald’s worker. Republicans are analogically representing taxes as wages and the debt ceiling as the national credit card. Using these analogies, Republicans are determined to tie our wages to minimum wage, take away the credit card, and tell us to “deal with it!” But of course, this is only after they have already dined their stomach’s full with everything on the menu which appealed to them. Now that it’s time to settle up the bill, they skip out on the rest of us. The Tea Party refuses to budge on raising the debt ceiling and the rest of the Republicans are still demanding their Holy Grail, the tax cuts.

We don’t care about the reasons a terrorist makes threats. We only care what the threats are and how to protect the victims. But this is the action of the current sitting Republican Party. No matter how anyone tries to spin this, it breaks down to just “meet our demands, or else!”

As John F. Kennedy very aptly said, “We cannot negotiate with those who say “what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is negotiable.””