O’Reilly, Crowley Blame Dems For Ethical Decline of America – Completely Ignore Reality

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This post was originally posted on 7/21/2011 on OneWhiteDuck.com.

You see, this is the kind of stuff that just simply pisses me off.

It is one thing to attempt to trick or coerce the public using high-brow jargon in the context of complex economic or political structures. But when pundits preach dumb to the dumb – and they fall for it – well that just says a lot about our society.

This past Tuesday – while featured on Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor – conservative guest and repeated Fox News contributor (why do they always simply interview their own people?) Monica Crowley discussed with host Bill O’Reilly that rampant American secularism – pushed forth by a so-called liberal, Democratic agenda – is the root cause of cheating in schools and the ethical decline of American culture (see video at the bottom of this post).

When asked by liberal radio host and Factor guest Alan Colmes whether they believed that “95 percent of [American] kids cheat” in schools, O’Reilly arbitrarily answered that the number is more like 85 percent (would love to know where he got that number).

He then insisted that “once the public school system embraced secularism, Moses and his crew with the Ten Commandments were banished.”

“It used to be that Judeo-Christian ethics were taught. It used to be ethics classes. No longer!” O’Reilly added. “That’s what happened.”

Nevermind the fact that the country was established as a secular nation – those are just details that the Fox News audience wouldn’t really be interested in, anyway.

And according to Crowley, “[i]t’s getting worse.”

“I think with the proliferation of media,” she said, “too, you get an echo chamber where kids out there, okay, see people in authority, whether it’s the president, whether it’s members of Congress, Anthony Weiner or Barack Obama saying I’m going to cut the deficit my first term and blows it out of control. Or if they see O.J Simpson walking away committing a double homicide, getting away with it, Casey Anthony. They are learning the lesson of what they see out there in the culture. They are constantly thinking, ‘Hey, I could get away with it too.’”

Ok, what? Crowley is lumping together two alleged murderers with a Congressman’s harmless “sexting” and the President’s economic policies? And somehow, THAT is the root cause of the ethical decline in the country?

Is she so naive to think that our apathetic masses in crowded classrooms actually care or are the least bit affected/interested by what is going down in Washington? Or – more likely – is she playing along with the typical Fox News charade of creating villains where there are none as long as it fits in with the pro-Republican narrative?

Monica Crowley

But let’s say, for argument’s sake, that the pre-adolescent population IS in fact paying attention. Notice how she makes no mention whatsoever of the scores of unethical and downright illegal instances ofpro-Christian Republican sex scandals, political corruption and outright illegal shenanigans of conservative politicians, activists and media.

Notice also how she conveniently omits thehuge media scandal surrounding Fox News head honcho Rupert Murdoch while also ignoring the fact that the prior Republican administration’s grossly erred “No Child Left Behind” program destroyed education progress for likely a generation to come. She also defers to not mention how mid-season governors in her own party opt to drop out of the public service they ran for in pursuit of fame and fortune.

Corporations fund Republican legislation efforts receiving money from citizens’ taxes – money often supposed to preserve and create American jobs – then find and create loopholes to outsource those jobs overseas and/or sidestep environmental policies to protect the country’s food, health and energy supply.

Religious factions consistently lie, distort and manipulate truth and history to demand an even bigger following from their congregations while publicly touting antiquated beliefs as “faith”; the most untouchable and supposedly infallible of all notions in American society.

Right wing media arms like Fox News offer up a constant stream of “info-tainment” that promotes intolerance, bigotry, ignorance, fear, greed, and selfishness. They suggest to the public that education is on par with elitism,  that “American exceptionalism” is the ends that justifies  the means to countless wrongs, and that anything remotely relating to the common good is dogmatic propaganda akin with extreme-liberal socialism.

Because it’s all Weiner and Obama’s fault – what with their dick pictures and ominous “healthcare for all” legislation. Shame on them.

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