The Republican Plan To Kick the Obama Can Down the Road and Out of the White House

Just the other day my arch, political, conservative nemesis, Holly the Holy Roller, whined about the debt ceiling saying that: “If they raise Obama’s debt ceiling he will just use it as an excuse to further finance his big government, liberal agenda of sin! It’s up to Boehner and the Tea Christians to stop him!” Notice how she said that it was Obama’s debt ceiling. It’s almost as if there are those who believe that not raising it will only hurt him, and there is no doubt in my mind that it will hurt President Obama, already has hurt President Obama, but will not exclusively hurt President Obama, because so goes America’s economy goes your economy and my economy. Politically, that would be great for the Holly Holy Roller’s of the world who obviously have a big, rabid, political, cannibalistic dog in this fight willing to kill its own pups for political gains, but at what cost?

Many of my friends on Facebook and abroad want to know who Holly the Holy Roller is. To me, her personal identity is irrelevant, but her political identity is much more important, as I would describe it as: counter-productively disingenuous, reckless, religiously ineffective, religiously unrealistic, religiously unfeasible, religiously elitist, religiously intolerant, politically biased, and economically self-destructive, yet she is not alone.

In fact, she has a standing army at her back ready and willing to use the entire political and economic systems at the expense of them both for the political, 2012 bull’s-eyeing of President Obama. According to Holly the Holy Roller, who is just another typical, generic, conservative, talking points drone; the challenges of the new world are best met by a theological simplification of ideologies to discourage any freedoms that provide an escape route from the theological simplification of ideologies, which is anti-liberalism at its finest, and that should tell you everything you need to know about those stubbornly insensitive, conservative, Tea Party caucuses that so many of the House Republicans consider themselves to be so beholden to.

Now if I’m House Speaker John Boehner, there’s no way in Hell that I would allow myself to be politically hog tied to this bunch, but you can’t enslave the willing, and Boehner and his fellow House Republicans are the proverbial dog that is no longer tied up, but still thinks that it is, either by foolish blindness or by willing blindness, and acts accordingly. On a recent interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace, Boehner stated that he would do what’s right for the country in spite of what his political party wants, and we’ll see if Boehner can live up to his words on that one, because it’s the Democrats who have consistently shown their ability to move over to the Republicans on many issues, even if it means frustrating their political bases, and no one has been more willing, on the Democratic side, to do it than President Obama. Republicans and Tea Baggers are constantly yelling at me about how Obama is so unreasonable to Boehner and the Republicans, and that’s simply not true. You must be either in denial or in a cave, if you can’t read the writing on that wall!

Would you like to make a bet with me on which person is more likely to compromise; Speaker Boehner or President Obama? I’ll take Obama plus the 10 point spread on that one. Now I’m not totally condemning President Obama for his ability to compromise, but I do understand that the cooperative spirit is abused more than it is appreciated—unfortunately!

Thanks to all of the Holly Holy Roller’s, the Tim Pawlenty’s, the Sarah Palin’s, the Michele Bachmann’s, the Eric Cantor’s, and the John Boehner’s, the real question is now forced to go right back to where it all started and that is: ‘Can this country called the United States of America, home of the free and land of the brave, ever think freely enough and act bravely enough not to allow the daunting insecurities of having a Black/African-American president derail and destroy basic societal and political cooperation?’ Tea Baggers like to tell me how all of this is about ‘not kicking the can down the road for future generations,’ and I like to tell them how I am convinced that all of this also about, if not entirely about, ‘kicking President Obama’s can down the road and out of office,’ to restore the traditional normalcy and finally halt this rogue wave/ethnic tsunami that has toppled the “Great Wall of the White-Male-Dominated-Society,” which is also geared directly towards future generations!

In other words, if Boehner and the Republicans can somehow manage to frame the debt ceiling fate around the hindering presence of President Obama, whether it means raising the debt ceiling in spite of Obama or letting it crash into default because of Obama, I believe the overall question of ‘can the business of politics ever be truly successful or effective within the strains of the politics of business; based on the political appearance of the physical appearance of the President of the United States,’ and I’m no longer sure that it can, at least not anytime soon, and don’t think for one minute that this won’t have a lingering, political effect on the voter? Basically, what I see is this possible scenario from the Republican/Tea Party point of view: ‘If you re-elect President Obama, you re-elect political dysfunction—guaranteed by us, the Republicans, but blamed on him, President Obama!’ The question is—will anyone buy it with their 2012 vote?

When President Obama gave his press conference and asked: “Can they say yes to anything,” he sounded as if he was saying: ‘What more can I do? How much more do I have to concede?’ It’s not often that you will hear a sitting president make such a powerless statement. When you look at the number of times that the raising of the debt ceiling has been on auto-pilot, one has to wonder why and how the political world has suddenly and suspiciously become so flat; meaning, flat enough to sustain this newly built, political Grand Canyon that suggest that, for the first time ever, default would be ‘not that big of a deal.’ Now if you don’t think default would be a big deal, I urge you to try it sometimes within your personal finances, and you and I can sit together on the sidewalk and watch, as the repo man /woman drives away with your possessions!

Now as controversial as this may sound, I’m going to say it anyway. Could it be that only with a President Obama in office would there be so many, under normal circumstances, somewhat sane; people who seem more than willing to, flirt with by some and carry through by others, the act of doing an Osama Bin Laden and unleashing another September 11th on the economy of the United States with this debt ceiling formality, because this is exactly what Osama Bin Laden talked about achieving; the long-term economic uncertainty of the United States? I just wonder if he had any idea that many of us would help to egg it on.

So, think about this. From Holly the Holy Roller to numerous other conservatives, the underlying, yet overwhelming, belief is that the second that President Obama boards a plane out of Washington D.C. in January of 2013 and someone else, preferably the traditional, White male, is sworn back into office, the economy, American confidence, and world confidence will all finally come out of their winter burrows like good little groundhogs, not see the socialist shadow of Obama, and deliver an early spring to the country, and it looks like there are many who are Hell bound to make sure this theory happens, even if it proves to be more ideologically satisfying than fiscally realistic, because it’s unwise and hastily incredulous to play Russian Roulette chicken with something that no one completely understands and has little control over, whether “It’s the economy, stupid” or whether “It’s the debt ceiling stupid!” Either way, stupid does not care about the economy enough to limit its own stupidity, as the political ends could be made to justify the catastrophic means!

Bryian K. Revoner
Author of the book The Fear of Being Challenged; I Am the Realacrat