Partial FAA Shutdown From Partisan Squabbling

It appears that the effort to stave off a shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration has come to naught. There is still a difference of opinion over a $16.5 million cut in subsidies to 13 rural communities. With that, almost 4,000 people will be out of work temporarily and the federal airline ticket taxes will be suspended.

The Obama administration has reportedly said that this will not effect safety, but the suspended taxes will lead to approximately $200 million dollars per week being lost. Which can be great for travelers, but bad for our nations revenue.

This squabbling also has a lot to do with the Republicans dislike of organized labor, and the provisions the Democrats want held within the FAA.

All of this bickering is leading to real jobs being lost. Washington needs to remember that in order to keep a safe, well-functioning society, we need to make sure that we have programs in place to properly maintain it. This will be just one of the many government authorities to shut down if we do not stop all of this squabbling. Without the taxes collected from the FAA, we lose additional revenue in the midst of an ever-increasing deficit. We are losing what makes our nation great, safe, and civilized.

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