It Must Be Okay When You Are Republican

Image from reports 130 Republicans who are in congress today voted to hike the debt ceiling under Bush, without hostage threats.


White House and congressional negotiators are currently in the process of striking a deficit reduction deal, as most Republicans in Congress are refusing to raise the federal debt ceiling without deep cuts to public investments and social insurance programs like Social Security and Medicare. By doing so, these Republicans are essentially holding the country hostage, threatening the United States with default unless Democrats agree to these cuts.

Yet these Republicans were not always demanding hostages in exchange for allowing the country to pay its own bills. In November of 2004, Congress voted in both the House and Senate to hike the U.S. debt limit by $800 billion, which raised the total ceiling to $8.1 trillion.

So why are Republicans having such a hard time believing in their line that deficits don’t matter? Surely it’s not because there is a Democrat sitting in the White House.