GOP 2012 — What a fun circus! Grab your popcorn!

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A list of 2012 GOP Presidential – uh “hopefuls” I guess is the best word for them:

Michele Bachmann – She thinks if she says “Obamacare” enough times in one sentence it will magically disappear. God sent her a sign that she needs to run for President. What is the sign he sending her when she loses?

Newt Gingrich – Has 2 accounts at Tiffany’s, which goes to show he cannot understand the struggles of every day Americans and if he cannot balance his own budget how is he expected to balance an entire country’s budget? He also apparently thinks that country forgets about how terrible he was as a Speaker of the House — we don’t.

Ron Paul – Well, he’s old enough to say eh has experience, but doesn’t he remind you of your grandpa? “You know when I was a youngin….” He wants to legalize hard drugs like heroin, but wants to get rid of things like FEMA. (??)

Rick Santorum – As a Pennsylvanian I must apologize for my state giving the race this man. Just a note about him, he was not even a PA resident when he was a Senator – I wonder if he will move to Canada if he gets the Presidency?

Herman Cain – he was a pizza shop owner. That is all.

Mitt Romney – I have to admit I feel sorry for him. He is a Mormon in the republican party,which is full of Christian, Evangelicals who hate any other religion. So he is done for in the primaries…. yet again. Poor Mitt.

Jon Huntsman – who?? If someone as politically active as me does not know this man, he’s got no chance in the primaries.

Rick Perry – yes, he is just what this country needs; another cowboy Governor from Texas….. did we not learn our lesson from 8 years of another one?

If I forgot anyone it is because they just really do not matter, but if these are the cream of the crop for the republican party, we are going to see a blue United States map in 2012. Yes, they may generate some buzz within their own party, but the rest of the country, you know the MAJORITY of the country, is smart enough to vote for someone who actually cares about this country and the people living in it, not just the businesses in it.

When one party (republicans) want to cut funding for programs that help the less fortunate, this should be a wake-up call to people. They do not care about you, they care about who funds their campaign, period.

PS. I did forget one – Tim Pawlenty……….’nuff said that is all.

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