Trading Potential Peace For War And Abandoning Patriotism For Treason

American President Obama and Israeli President Netanyahu

Not too long ago, President Obama unveiled his plan to bring peace to the Middle East and peace to Israel in the process. His plan has drawn criticism from nearly every House and Senate Republican and after Israel’s Prime Minister rejected the President’s plan, Republicans took the opportunity to do the unthinkable. They turned on the sitting American President and threw their support to the leader of another nation.

President Obama’s plan calls for a two-state solution. Under the plan, a new nation of Palestine would be created. The Palestinians would acknowledge Israel’s right to exist and the Israelis would roll their borders back to what they were before the 1967 Six Day War. Sounds fair, right? Not according to Republicans.

Republicans immediately jumped all over President Obama’s plan and have allied themselves closer with Israel than ever before. In response to the Obama plan, Israel’s President Netanyahu totally rejected the plan and continues to support building settlements on the West Bank. But Netanyahu’s rejection of the plan is not what is grievous here. Shortly after the Israeli leader verbally sucker punched the President during their sit down chat in front of the media, Republicans felt emboldened enough to pounce on the President themselves and formally sided against their own Commander in Chief. Yeah, you read that right. Republicans took the side of a foreign leader over the President of The United States.

In 1967, Israel launched what they call a preemptive strike against their Arab neighbors to allegedly prevent being attacked themselves. After six days, Israel had captured the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and the Golan Heights. Hundreds of thousands of Syrians and Palestinians found themselves suddenly under Israeli rule and thousands fled. This displacement has been a great source of tension in the region ever since. There is certainly evidence that Israel acted as the aggressor and there is evidence that the preemptive strike was necessary but that is still in dispute.

The point, however, is that Israel should try to compromise and meet the President somewhere in the middle. There is no reason why a Palestinian state cannot be carved out, especially since Israel owes it’s own sovereignty and existence to the Western nations that carved out the Israeli state in the first place back in 1948. Creating a nation of Palestine would help bring peace to the region and settle many longtime disputes. It absolutely makes sense if you are interested in peace in the region.

But Republicans are not at all interested in peace. War is very profitable to them and so keeping the Middle East in a state of unrest is a must. Israel is looking more and more like a warlike nation that seeks to conquer everyone around them. Even if they only launched their 1967 strike to defend themselves, they successfully proved that they are not weak and that they can defend their country. Now it’s time to start making peace. Making peace with their neighbors is the most surefire way to prevent future conflict and it would provide Israel with more allies.

The Republican Party should be ashamed of themselves for siding with the Israeli President over the US President. What happened to all that patriotism Republicans claim to feel? Or is that only applicable when a Republican is in charge? Their actions are absurd and borders on treason. The fact is, President Obama is only offering a solution that has been on the table for quite some time, and has been supported by both Democrats and Republicans alike over the last couple decades. President George H.W. Bush and President George W. Bush have both endorsed the same plan before, so what’s the big deal now? Well, Republicans have developed a hatred so deep for President Obama that even an idea once supported by Republicans is no longer palatable when President Obama suggests it. Republicans have crossed a line that no one should ever cross. Imagine if Democrats had supported Gorbachev over Reagan in the 1980’s. Republicans would have accused Democrats of treason. And treason is exactly what Republicans have committed by allying themselves with a foreign leader against the sitting United States President.