Jeff Stone Admits to Disenfranchising Students and GAB Suspicion

So, I got out of the hospital earlier this week and back off to work.  On one of my first days at the Capitol I got a rare interview with Assembly Representative Jeff Stone, who introduced AB7 or the Wisconsin Voter Disenfranchisement Act.  One aspect of this bill that was not very widely covered was the disenfranchisement of students.  This alone was one of the clearest means of disenfranchisement in the entire bill.  Let me explain how they did it.  They moved the primary date to August (it was previously September) and required 28 day residency.  Our students move back to the state in the middle of August and although they pay taxes here, get jobs here, and live here 9 months out of the year, they will not be able to vote in the primary for who they want to represent them.

In the video Jeff Stone tries to validate this by saying that they still can vote in other elections.  I am sorry, but not allowing someone to vote in ANY election is wrong.  And he tried to stand by it.  While I do give him credit for actually talking with me, I still cannot sit here and condone disenfranchisement of any of the many groups this bill makes unable or much harder to vote against any group.  It’s hard enough to get people to vote to begin with.  In the last election in our state about a third of the citizens voted.  This is disgraceful.  So why make it harder to vote?  Anyways, here is some video of our conversation.

Now, the second area of concern.  This involves Blake Gober.  For those of you who do not know Blake he works with Prosser and Walker quite heavily in his position with the Republican Party of Dane County.  He believes the truth is, and I quote him, “What I tell people”.  He often runs away when presented with facts and the way he talks about Paul Ryan reveals somewhat of a crush.  He makes fun of people for being in the hospital and finds it acceptable to hope people fall off Capitol balconies, therefore dying.  He is the type of person who you would not expect to find in any professional role, but who the modern day Republicans (which are different from actual republicans) like to call their poster boy.

I was originally tipped off to this by Paul Riehle, a frequent protester at the Capitol.  It seems Blake had some car trouble not long ago and had some sort of lawsuit in regards to it.  But this alone is not strange, we won’t stoop to their level and criticize someone for financial problems when we don’t know the entire story.  However, upon further investigation it is easy to find that Blake was using a peculiar address as his own.  The address being 212 E Washington Avenue in Madison Wisconsin.  Now Blake could have mail delivered to Walker’s office and he would get it if he wants to.  But instead he chooses to have it delivered to another government office entirely, an office whose non-partisanship has been called into question:  The Government Accountability Board.

Here you can find the court case where he lists his address:;jsessionid=7CA6F05E3150359A316B65899B427B43.render6?caseNo=2011SC002847&countyNo=13&cacheId=CC44716B0AADD0647553D66BBA6B79AB&recordCount=4&offset=2

And Here is the GAB page where they list theirs:

This causes reason for suspicion.  The GAB says they have no statement as to why his address was listed as theirs.  But when you have a gentleman, who is of obvious lower ethical class than the general public, who worked on behalf of a campaign (Prosser) who’s campaign was significantly helped by the rulings and lack of oversight of the GAB, then it causes reason for concern.  I just wanted to share this info with all of you.  Until the next blog post we need to keep the pressure on.


Jeremy Ryan

Executive Director

Defending Wisconsin PAC